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World's Dumbest Credit Card Thief Gets Collared

Floridian posed for pic holding purloined plastic

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Credit Card Poser Bust

NOVEMBER 21--After four months on the lam, the Florida woman who willingly posed for a photo holding a stolen credit card has been arrested.

Mashana Harris, 26, was collared Tuesday at a motel in Ocala. Charged with two felony fraud counts, Harris was booked into the Marion County jail, from which she was released Wednesday after posting bond.

In July, Harris used a stolen credit card to make about $500 in combined purchases at a gas station, a Family Dollar store, and the Looking Good Beauty Supply shop, according to cops. It was at the latter business that Harris posed for the photo that resulted in her arrest.

As detailed in an Ocala Police Department report, when Harris sought to pay for $430 worth of goods at the beauty store, a cashier asked to see a government-issued identification card. Harris, however, replied that she did not have the requested ID.

Since the store employee “did not feel comfortable with the transaction,” he asked the customer if he could take a photo of her holding the credit card. For some reason, Harris--who was carrying plastic that was stolen from a 74-year-old woman--agreed to the in-store photo op (seen above).

The credit card scam was detected when the victim, whose card was stolen at Walmart, contacted police after spotting several fraudulent transactions on her bill.

Harris, whose rap sheet includes prior arrests for larceny, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, is seen at left in a mug shot snapped this week. (2 pages)