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For When A Whizzinator Is Not An Option

Urine-filled pill bottle found in perp's "vaginal area"

Urine Test

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Urine In Vagina

AUGUST 7--With a Whizzinator out of the question, a female probationer seeking to game a court-ordered drug test was arrested yesterday after Florida investigators discovered a urine-filled “pill bottle in her vaginal area.”

Following a felony methamphetamine conviction, Pamela Stupp, 43, was sentenced in mid-June to a two-year probation term that included random drug checks.

According to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report, it did not take Stupp long to violate her terms of supervision. She was charged yesterday with “attempting to defraud a urine test,” a probation violation.

As noted by Stupp’s probation officer, Stupp “was found to be in possession of a pill bottle in her vaginal area during a drug test. The pill bottle contained the urine of an unknown individual.”

Upon the discovery of her hidden liquid stash, Stupp “refused to provide a urine sample,” which is also a violation of the probation order signed by Circuit Court Judge Mary Handsel.

Seen in the above mug shot, Stupp is being held without bond at the Pasco County jail in advance of a court hearing. (1 page)