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"Christian Woman" Busted At Splash Park

After confronting child, she landed in hot water

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Water Park Collar

JULY 28--A self-described “Christian woman, a grandmother” was arrested yesterday at an Ohio water park after witnesses told police she called a child a “brat” and “fat ass” and pushed him off a floating toy.

Cops responding to a disorderly conduct complaint at the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark in Sandusky spoke with Jennifer Hutton, 32, who described a confrontation in the kids pool between her son and a 67-year-old Michigan resident.

In a police interview, the suspect identified herself as “Jennifer Lee Miller” and provided a cop with her date of birth, home address, and phone number. While admitting that she called the boy a “brat,” “Miller” denied “swearing at the child” and said she did not touch the minor.

“She stated she was a Christian woman, a grandmother, and she wouldn’t do such a thing,” a patrolman reported.

After witnesses contradicted the woman’s claims, a cop warned “Miller” she could be charged with disorderly conduct “if there was another incident.”

After departing the water park, the cop determined that “Miller” had provided him with a phony name, a fake address, and a phone number that “just rang busy.” When subsequently confronted about the discrepancies, the woman claimed not to have an ID on her and “felt like she was being harassed.”

The woman eventually admitted that her name was Janet Nale. She was arrested for obstruction, a misdemeanor, and placed in a Sandusky Police Department cruiser. “She lied about all of her information and had no reason for doing so,” an officer noted.

According to her Facebook page, Nale (seen above) has “Worked at Home Care.” Nale lives in Taylor, Michigan, about 100 miles from the water park. (2 pages)