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Turns Out Getting Caught Is His Thang

Suspect left t-shirt with his picture at crime scene

Jonathan Huntley

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Shirt Left Behind

APRIL 4--Meet Jonathan Huntley.

After being released from a North Carolina prison in mid-November, the 25-year-old felon--who had spent nearly seven years locked up for armed robbery and breaking and entering--apparently printed up a nifty t-shirt with his picture and the slogan “Making Money Is My Thang.”

As seen in the below police evidence photo, the image Huntley chose is a mug shot taken after one of his earlier arrests.

The t-shirt is in police custody because, investigators allege, Huntley last Tuesday participated in the home invasion robbery of a Charlotte home. According to cops, one victim told investigators that two black males “willfully and unlawfully entered his residence” and stole valuables, including jewelry and a wallet.

But as the robbers fled the Dinglewood Avenue crime scene, the black t-shirt somehow fell out of the duo’s getaway car. Huntley surrendered to police Thursday night, a day after a Crime Stoppers appeal was made seeking the public’s help in identifying the man pictured on the garment.

Charged with robbery and breaking and entering with force, both felonies, Huntley is being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond. The parolee is pictured in the March 31 mug shot at left. He is pictured at right in the older booking photo seen on the seized t-shirt.

If convicted of the home invasion, Huntley will likely return to the custody of the North Carolina Department of Corrections, where his last stay included him racking up 26 separate disciplinary infractions, including charges of gambling, fighting, threatening a prison staffer, and “sexual act.” (8 pages)

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Hey, everyone, look, this man is clearly mentally ill, he doesn't seem to be able to stay out of any type of trouble whether he's incarcerated or out free. Clearly he's quite possibly schizophrenic or schizoeffective disordered and needs psychiatric treatment with medication. Doctors also need to see if his Testosterone level is way to high, though I don't know if their doing this at this point in time; it's a thought though.
What happened to innocent untill proven guilty. I don't think a t-shirt is enough evidence to convict. The victim could identify the wrong person from a t-shirt. Hope he shut up and get a lawer.
Hey Nimrod: Nothing in the article said he was guilty, as being convicted. He was ARRESTED based partially on evidence of the t-shirt AND he turned himself in. He's awaiting trial, I assume. Read thoroughly before making inane comments.
Blame it on society. What a pathetic excuse. Most people in the hood are just too lazy to work for a living. And before you jump up and down screaming "bigot! racist!" this goes for white trash as well as minorities. Clean up your act, cover your jail house tat's and piercings, speak English, not that gutter crapola walk down to your local Mickey D's and get a job. It's not rocket science and even most bottom feeders such as yourself can handle the pressures of flipping a burger. The sad part is this ignorant "deutschbag" will be going back to prison where he and his ilk belong but as previously stated by an intelligent and astute sweets68, we working stiffs are going to have to support his worthless arse yet again. And of course David you are so correct in quoting those poor innocent victims of society, it's all society's fault for sure lmao!
So the point of this article is that Obama t-shirts are considered passe? ;)
You poor thing, listen to yourself, so full of hate. I expect nothig more from a petty mind like you, grow up and try a little love and patience for once in your heart.
Oh don't be so pretentious, he was joking. And even if he wasn't maybe you should try a little love and patience instead of judgment and supremacy.
Please allow them to relax in two side by side electric chairs....iz their thang
Great idea......electric Lazy Boys.....
throw away the key
He's Winning, Daaaaaah
another typical drain on society. Can't support hes-self unless he is robbing for drugs and money. Not smart enough to get a job or keep one. Another fine example of what parents would be proud of. The problem is in jail us poor taxpayers have to feed his pathetic ash. Hope he learns (doubtfull) that he and his life is worth no more than a peice of shait.
Typical bigoted comment. Although I find his acts deplorable and denounce crime, the facts reveal that it's likely he doesn't have much of an education. The reason the quality of education in urban environs is atrociously insufficient is because taxes support the schools. When the majority of residents in the community are unemployed fewer taxes are collected. Therefore, these residents are convenient candidates for this kind of lifestyle. When these individuals apply for jobs they're under-qualified. Hence, their options are limited to crime and or welfare. Since welfare tends to exclude males..... I'm sure you feel better about yourself if you look at things the way you do, though.
Yep... it's "society's fault." Right??? That's just the typical response of intellectually lazy, socially retarded-thinking people like you. No one is to blame for their own poor choices. No one can be held accountable for their own actions. Somehow, they are the victims of everyone else... not just some sorry-a$$ perp that takes from others and gives to himself. Go back under your rock, with all of the rest of the unthinking slime.
Making license plates is yo thang, holmes. Get it right! Not only do you wear t-shirts with your own mugshot on them, but commit crimes with it too? I think he wanted to go back to the big house. He was missing all that bussy. Yes, with a "B" and you know why.
Unfortunately, outsourcing the making of license plate is right around the corner.....maybe he just missed dancing in high heels for his celly and his celly's thang.....