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Couple Arrested For Mutual Pasta Battery

Cops: Combatants found "covered in spaghetti"

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Spaghetti Battery

AUGUST 2--Police responding to a 1 AM domestic disturbance found a Florida couple “covered in spaghetti” following a physical confrontation that resulted in the pair’s arrest on domestic battery charges, records show.

According to police, Stephanie Lannas, 45, and her boyfriend, Adolfo Rivera, 35, were eating dinner early Friday morning in their Clearwater home when a verbal argument turned violent.

During the physical confrontation, police allege, Lannas and Rivera each shoved a plate of spaghetti in the other’s face. When a Clearwater Police Department cop arrived at the residence, the duo was “still covered in spaghetti upon officer’s arrival.”

The mutual combat--for which alcohol was a factor--led to Lannas and Rivera each being arrested for domestic battery. They were booked into the county jail and released the following day on their own recognizance.

Both Lannas and Rivera (pictured above) have pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor count. A judge has allowed them to have contact while the case proceeds.

Lannas was arrested in October 2020 for allegedly stabbing Rivera in the arm with a knife during a drunken confrontation. Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue a felony aggravated battery case against Lannas, whose rap sheet includes multiple convictions for narcotics possession. (2 pages)