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Cops: Sword Pulled In Pizza Roll Dispute

Man charged with menacing ex-roomie

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Pizza Roll Beef

JULY 27---For the second time this month, tasty, tasty pizza rolls have figured in a police arrest.

On Sunday afternoon, cops in Norwalk, Ohio busted Travis Vartorella, 21, on an aggravated menacing charge following a confrontation in his apartment.

According to a Norwalk Police Department report, Vartorella “pulled a sword” on Trystan Mesenburg, 20, a former roommate who had returned to the residence to retrieve some of his belongings.

Mesenburg told cops that after arriving at the darkened apartment with his girlfriend, they began gathering up his items. “As soon as I grabbed my bag of pizza rolls,” Mesenburg told cops, Vartorella “came out from around the corner” with a three-foot sword.

With the weapon in his hands, Vartorella claimed ownership of the frozen treats and demanded that Mesenburg “leave his fucking pizza rolls alone” before things got stabby, police report.

Mesenburg and his girlfriend fled the apartment and dialed 911. Responding officers noted that the couple was “visibly shaken” as they recounted their confrontation with Vartorella.

Officers subsequently arrested Vartorella and seized four “edged weapons” from his bedroom closet, including a six-foot samurai sword, a machete, and the sword he was holding when he confronted Mesenburg.

Vartorella was charged with aggravated menacing, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Huron County jail (from which he was later released on bond). Mesenburg and his girlfriend both secured temporary protection orders against Vartorella.

Seen above, Vartorella is a registered sex offender due to a 2015 felony conviction for providing obscene material to a 13-year-old girl he met online. Vartorella was sentenced to four years of probation, with the warning that he would serve two years in state prison if he violated terms of his community control.

On July 4, a North Carolina couple was arrested for assault after a domestic dispute included the pair “throwing pizza rolls at each other,” police noted. (3 pages)