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Cops: Man shot teen for saggy walking in Memphis

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Saggy Pants Shooting

OCTOBER 4--Incensed when two teenagers ignored his demands to pull up their saggy pants, a Memphis man allegedly shot one of the youths in the back, according to police.

Kenneth Bonds was arrested Saturday night and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and jailed on $25,000 bond. Bonds, 45, is pictured in the mug shot at right.

Investigators contend that Bonds admitted to shooting Cameron Tucker, 17, following a September 25 argument on a Memphis sidewalk. The teenager was accompanied by Isaac Taylor, a 16-year-old friend.

Tucker told cops that he and Taylor were walking to a candy store when Bonds “began yelling at them to pull their pants up,” according to a Memphis Police Department arrest warrant affidavit. “Bonds got angry when Tucker and Taylor refused and that’s when the three got into a heated argument,” reported police.

At that point, Bonds allegedly pulled out a pistol and fired a shot at the older boy. The shot missed, but as the boys fled, Bonds continued firing at them. One bullet hit the 17-year-old in the buttocks and exited through his thigh (the boy was treated for the wound at two different hospitals).

A witness, Percy Chalmers, told cops that he saw Bonds “pull a large black semi auto handgun from his waist band” and fire several shots. Both Tucker and Taylor were able to identify Bonds in a photo spread prepared by Memphis police.

When contacted by phone, Bonds reportedly “admitted to shooting Cameron Tucker after an argument,” according to the police affidavit. Bonds was scheduled to be arraigned this morning on the felony counts. (1 page)

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whaaa, ha ha ha HA !
Wow, wanna find a bunch of ignorant, bass ackwards bible thumping idiots? Read thesmokinggun's comment section on a crime about how someone wears their pants. I guess that none of you appreciate freedom or liberty (the things this nation was founded on) and you all deserve to lose every shred of it. I hope some crazy mother*** runs up on you and busts a few rounds in you for something silly like your hair color. Sagging pants is nothing different than a female showing a bunch of cleavage, or some older guy brandishing a shirt that shows off a big plume of chest hair. Both are fairly unsightly, yet no one complains about that nearly as much as people complain about pants being low. You judgmental bastards don't understand the half of how ignorant you sound when you post this shiat on something you are better off not reading. How about you go to your gun racks, take the biggest, shiniest gun (maybe "Ol' Betsy" or whatever the Fark you rednecked morons name your weapons) and put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger. Hell, I'll go down to the Bass Pro Shop and bust a few rounds in every ignorant mother*** that wears those fish hooks on their hats. Of course, I'd get labeled as a maniac and all sorts of seemingly insulting things that you guys say about stuff you don't like or understand. Get a grip people.
It's obscene how many people here seem to think wearing your pants low is a more heinous crime than shooting children. This country is going to hell. None of you stupid asshats would think shooting a guido or a redneck with a mullet was acceptable, even though they are just as hideous looking if not more so.
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I agree-here in Florida it IS considered "advertisement to other males that they are willing to take it up the ass" Don't understand it , but there it is!!!!!
Well, it seems we are as bad as the Islamist regimes throughout the world. But I am willing to bet these same protaganist here ALL check out those bikinis. That's why he needed a gun. He was too chickenshiat to stand up like a man. He might have gotten his ass whooped. I don't like droopy drawers, but at least they identify the people I don't want to influence my children. A real man would have jerked those drawers over his head!
A cop once told me the kids wear their pants that way as an advertisement to other males that the are willing to take it up the ass. Maybe its true? Spread the word, hopefully they will stop doing it. Unless of course its true?
I couldn't have "said it" better myself. Kenneth, you tha man!
Well, I don't know that shooting him was the answer, but I do agree that having to look at someone's underwear because their pants are not being properly worn is very annoying. What you don't see reported here is how disrespectful and beligerant those kids were to that adult. Again, shooting him was probably not the right answer but something should be done. I personally think it's great that he steped up and initially said something to them.
Oh yeah, cause those kids being disrespectful and belligerent was the real crime, not somebody shooting somebody else UNPROVOKED. For the record, is it more disrespectful or belligerent to tell a stranger how to behave, or to tell somebody who does that to ***? Let them look like asshats if they want, everyone who ever dressed punk, hippy, disco, or rave was allowed to do it. And let's be real, even though the shooter was black, all these supportive comments are from stuck-up white folks who think there's only one way to dress, one way to live, one way to be.
I didnt want to leave a comment on this but I must ask after reading these comments- WTF is wrong with people? you dont like the way somebody is dressed so you yell at them and then shoot them? I dont get it. for one thing, people should be able to dress anyway they want, for another thing some guy who cant mind his own business and decides to shoot at people becuase he doesnt like the way they are dressed is referred to in a postive way by commenters? america can never be any sort of a free country because idiots and those who cheer them on cant mind their own business. The american people are scared s4!t1ess of real freedom and its the dopes who cheer this kind of thing on that will bring real fascism in our country. all you people who call this guy a hero should be shot thru the head by a kid wearing baggy pants because the baggy pants kids dont like the way YOU are dressed. then I will call those kids my heroes, and say they should be awarded medals, etc. Its what you deserve and are asking for so just deal with it.
Meh. Well said, but most of these retard posters are from Jesusland (google it). Nobody in their lives gives a crap about anything they say, so they go to the interwebz and type as loud as they can. Also, they are all experienced fighters, and have better lives than anyone else here. That's why they go to a humorous website and try to inject it with their own political insight. ROFLFALAFEL They also blame OBOZO for the economy being crap, and for causing the oil spill.
He should have shot them both in the head. That is the real solution
Not a good idea to shoot at old gray haired men. most of us shoot back and some of us shoot first...........
Right on! And THIS time, you liberal fascist swine out there...a BLACK man shot his azz! WHAT A RIOT! Can you imagine the howls if a white guy had shot him??? I've often wanted to get out of MY car and beat these punks senseless, but I'm a white Republican. I'd get life in prison for a "hate crime". What they do NOT know, is the fact that "pants under yer butt" in the prison system means that you are available for SEX! Ha ha, morons. Give this guy a MEDAL!!!
If you saw this black guy on the street, you wouldn't be thinking give him a medal, you'd hope he gets shot just as quickly as those kids. It's obvious that you're looking for any justification on earth to beat up black people (wearing your pants low is an absolutely victimless crime). The fact that you know the punishment for such a crime only proves how necessary penalties like that are, and proves that without them sociopaths like you would have a field day on black people. Yeah, you republicans are so oppressed. Bite me.
Probably would have got away if they pulled up their pants.
HA!! Awesome, although shooting wasnt one of my personal thoughts its still funny as hell. BTW has anyone seen one of these idiots try to run? They waddle like a fricking duck and look like complete idiots. To those that happen to wear those pants you look like morons i guess thats cool nowadays but a fashion style copied from felons is probably going to be not a good fashion choice. But hey do what you like and we will all continue to laugh at you.
AHAHAH The shooter looks like the dad from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, You go get'm Judge Banks
Baggy butt hanging pants makes it impossible for them to run without their pants falling down. Expect the cop like the the low butt hanging pants for that reason.
He should receive Free range time and a free box of ammo.....
Wow. No wonder people want gun rights banned. Bunch of immature idiots. "Ha! I hate his fashion! Shoot him!". Well, I don't like grey haired men. Should I shoot all of you?
Kenneth Bonds is my hero. God bless him.
Sound perfectly OK to me.
This could have been me. I got hot when a youth was walking around a local flea market with his dick hanging out. Not kidding, This proud kid was showing off. Where does this end?
The punks thought they were real gangsta with their pants hanging low. Not so tough facing a gun though. Shooting them isn't the way to handle this, but these punks do need to start pulling their pants up. It's gonna be a cold winter and their gonna have frostbit cheeks this winter if their don't.
On the other hand if you are a young punk wearing shots with a bulls eye on the butt, it might be wise to pull up your pants.
There is an interval between being a kid and a mature young adult...there is alo an interval between being a young adult and being a responsible adult. The danger in when the wrong intervals of two persons bisect.
I have been around for a while and seen a lot of lame fashions, saggy Pants just the latest. I have seen people hurt for having long Hair. What is wrong with People wearing and looking as they wish? Suits and Ties make me ill but I have not shot anyone. The funny part of the story is that the Guy who shot this Kid will be spending time in the same place where the Fad began, Prison. I would advise him "Hold your Pants up"
It should be legal to shoot these punk thugs in the ass on sight. When you present, you invite dissent. Bravo sir!
mr. bonds sir, you are my hero. yes ,shooting the kid was a little harsh, however,these are typical "gangsta " wannabe's, so basically mr. bond spoke to them in a language they were sure to understand. i wish i had some extra money i could send him for lawyer expenses.
LMFAO wow, like people should pull their pants up, but shooting them for not doing it.. is a little psycho? hahaha maybe this will scare all the gangsters out there ;D back when i used to live in new york, you get a ticket if your pants were sagging. it's hilarious
"the boy was treated for the wound at two different hospitals". Talk about specilization. One hospital treats only entry wounds and one treats exit wounds?
Mr. Wee Wee sez yOu gO girl and stand firm behind Barack. He will stOp all the guns and shOOting.
Yeah, Mr. Wee Wee supports Barack Hussein Abdul Mohammed Rahman Bazimba Obama. Typical voter database for this cretinous foreign national Marxist-Leninist Communist Socialist queer-lover.
I deal with little sh!ts like that every day. Little bastard got exactly what he deserved, EOS.
This new personal hero of mine just took one ass hole and made -- two!!
I bet them kids pooped their pants. I swear to God this guy was one of my high school hall monitors.
1st, I'd like to buy this guy a beer... then I'd like to buy him some shooting lessons...
Hey, this guy does not need any shooting lessons -- he was right on target -- probably the jerk kid had on red boxers, too.....actually if the kid dies from his ass wound it should be a fully justifiable homicide. Too bad the ass "hole's" friends are too lazy (or stupid, take your pick) to learn how to read -- this could be a valuable lesson for all of 'em in learning how to cover your rear end...
Osbja1writes: "It is a fine line between that LAW abiding, mentally fit GUN owner and the GUN owner who has mentally lost it and believes he is Judge, Jury and Executioner of the innocents. The problem, no one knows when a GUN owner citizen is going to snap and lose it. Now that is SCARY." And just what makes you think that this shooter was legally carrying this gun? Typical liberal knee-jerk reaction. Study after study has shown that everywhere concealed carry laws have passed, violent crime against persons has gone down. It's a fact. Not liberal garbage like this comment.
Good thing the shooter was black, otherwist we'd have Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton parading, picketing, and charging him with a hate crime against "two misunderstood youths" Maybe next time
now if these boys would just pull up their pants, they could conceal a gun in their waistband as well and defend themselves.
Yeah, but then their crack would fall out
It is a fine line between that LAW abiding, mentally fit GUN owner and the GUN owner who has mentally lost it and believes he is Judge, Jury and Executioner of the innocents. The problem, no one knows when a GUN owner citizen is going to snap and lose it. Now that is SCARY.
No, asshats like YOU are scary. If a few more little morons like that dip-shiddy kid got hammered, there would be a hell of a lot less mayhem in places like Memphis...
AMEN, Hugh! AMEN! If these little cretins got their asses hammered a little more consistenly around the country, and if we could have the brass to pass laws against PUBLIC INDECENCY, maybe this crap would stop.
Another crack-related crime.