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Phony Vanity Plate Trips Up Motorcyclist

Cop alerted to “BENDOVER” tag on man's wheels

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4/7 UPDATE: Post-arrest, police determined that the suspect’s actual name is Caleb Concepcion (and that “Justine Miranda" is an alias). This story has been updated to reflect that clarification.

APRIL 4--A New Jersey man riding a motorcycle with a phony license plate reading “BENDOVER” led Florida cops on a high-speed chase that ended with the suspect crashing his ride, court records show.

Police say Caleb Concepcion, 26, was spotted Sunday evening “operating a motorcycle that had the fake New Jersey tag.” When a Clearwater Police Department officer approached Concepcion on foot at a red light, the Garden State resident “looked over at me and re-started the bike.”

Concepcion, seen at right, then allegedly ignored “Stop, Police!” orders and sped “through a steady red light...putting the surrounding drivers in danger,” according to a criminal complaint.

Moments after fleeing from police, Concepcion “was involved in a motorcycle crash,” after which he was transported for treatment at a local hospital.

After being read his Miranda rights, Concepcion, who works in “car sales,” opted to remain silent.

Concepcion was charged with a felony fleeing count for “high speed/wanton disregard” when trying to elude cops. Jail records also indicate that Concepcion, who is being held in the county lockup, is a fugitive in connection with a parole violation count in his home state. (1 page)