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Man Pleads To Waffle House Tattoo Theft

Floridian busted after refusing to pay $250

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Waffle House Plea

APRIL 1--The guilt was written all over his face leg.

A Florida Man copped today to a theft charge for refusing to pay for a $250 Waffle House tattoo that was inked on his right calf, according to court records.

With not much of a defense available to him, Max Krejckant, 33, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge related to his obtaining of the tattoo from the Ink Godz parlor in St Petersburg in December.

The purloined tattoo is seen above in a photo taken at the shop.

After accepting the plea, Judge Robert Dittmer ordered Krejckant to pay a total of $675 in fines, court costs, and fees.    

Krejckant, cops reported, had been drinking when he requested the five-inch Waffle House tattoo in black and gray (it would have cost $100 more to have the logo rendered in its usual yellow).

When it came time to pay the $250 bill, Krejckant--who only had six dollars--“refused all options to satisfy his debts.” Krejckant (seen above) was arrested and booked into the county jail, where he spent the night before his $150 bond was posted by a neighbor at Clearwater’s Avalon RV Resort. (1 page)