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Drive-Thru Sex Lands Couple Behind Bars

Kentucky duo spotted trysting outside Hardee's

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Drive-Thru Sex

MARCH 2--As several drive-thru customers looked on, a Kentucky couple had sex in their car in the parking lot of a Hardee’s restaurant, according to cops who busted the randy duo for their 10 AM encounter.

Brittany Pennington, 24, and Johnathan Howard, 24, were arraigned today on indecent exposure charges in connection with their public tryst Monday morning outside the Hardee’s in Harlan, a city about 20 miles north of the Tennessee border.

According to cops, the occupants of several cars lined up to order breakfast watched as Pennington and Howard had sex inside a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria "during the rush hour."

The couple’s vehicle, a police citation notes, was parked next to the drive-thru lane, in full view of customers waiting to order Hardee’s favorites like the loaded breakfast burrito or the smoked sausage biscuit.

When confronted by an officer who had been summoned by a witness, Pennington and Howard copped to the illicit encounter, adding that they "made a mistake."

The couple, seen in the above mug shots, was nabbed for indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, since they exposed their genitals "with the knowledge that their conduct was likely to cause affront or alarm” to those around them.

Pennington and Howard were booked into the Harlan County Detention Center, where they are each being held in lieu of $2000 cash bond. (1 page)