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Covidiot Scourge Continues To Plague Country

Missouri moron busted for Dollar Tree antics

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Covidiot Collared

APRIL 1--A Missouri miscreant yesterday walked around a discount store and coughed “on the doors and into the air” before writing “COVID 19” in the condensation on a freezer door, police charge.

As detailed in a probable cause statement, John Swaller, 33, was arrested following his antics inside a Dollar Tree store near his home in Cuba, a city about 85 miles southwest of St. Louis.

Swaller is a convicted felon whose rap sheet includes assault, theft, burglary, and receiving stolen property convictions.

According to cops, after Swaller entered the Dollar Tree around 2:30 PM, he “walked around the store” and “continued to cough on the doors and into the air,” prompting customers to lodge complaints with store employees.

Swaller, cops allege, then opened cooler doors and apparently began “breathing on several doors.” At one point, he placed “his right hand down his pants then wipes his hand down the door,” according to investigators.

“John writes COVID 19 in the condensation on the cooler door,” the probable cause statement notes. “John was asked to stop and he continued. John continued to cough as he exited the front door.”

After Swaller’s departure, Dollar Tree was forced to close and “deep clean the store,” according to a Cuba Police Department officer. Cops do not know whether Swaller actually has the coronavirus.

Charged with making a terroristic threat, Swaller was booked into the Crawford County jail, where he is locked up in lieu of $25,000 bond. If convicted of the felony, Swaller faces a maximum of four years in prison.

Swaller was arrested in January for narcotics possession and resisting arrest. His bond in that pending case has been revoked in light of Tuesday’s collar. (2 pages)