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Cops: Man Threw Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle

Suspect busted during comedian's Santa Fe show

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Dave Chappelle Report

MARCH 31---A New Mexico man was arrested last night after he threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle while the comedian was performing at a Santa Fe theater.

The banana, which hit Chappelle in the leg, was thrown by audience member Christian Englander, 30, who was busted for battery and disorderly conduct.

Pictured at right, Englander was escorted by security from the Lensic Performing Arts Center after tossing the banana peel at the 41-year-old performer. According to police, Englander appeared "highly intoxicated" during questioning.

Englander reportedly took offense to remarks directed by Chappelle at Englander’s friend (with whom he was sitting). Englander, who had been disruptive during Chappelle’s show, copped to throwing the banana peel when questioned by cops, according to a Magistrate Court complaint.

During a meeting with two cops, Chappelle said that he wanted to press charges since Englander appeared “not remorseful for what he did and believed it was a joke and was racially motivated.”

Englander was locked up without bond in advance of a court appearance today.

As first reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican, a cop noted that, “Mr. Englander appeared to be unapologetic and made several statements which appeared to be racially motivated.”

Onstage, Chappelle asked, “Hey, who just threw a banana peel?,” before adding, “Hey, would you guys like to see your favorite comedian beat the shit out of somebody?” After noting that, “I’m not going to let white people ruin bananas for me,” Chappelle said of Englander, “First, I’m gonna kill him with my comedy. And then I’m gonna kick him in his fucking face.”

Chappelle also told the crowd that he planned to hang the banana peel inside his tour bus. (2 pages)