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Bald Man Is Busted At Hair Salon

Kentuckian sought product "to bring his hair back"

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Bald & Disorderly

DECEMBER 3--A bald Kentucky man caused a disturbance at a salon after he asked a worker if she “had a product to bring his hair back and she told him no,” according to police who busted the chrome-domed invader.

Jeffery Trent, 46, was arrested late last month after allegedly causing a disturbance inside a salon in Lawrenceburg, a city 25 miles west of Lexington.

As detailed in a court citation, the 6’3”, 250-pound Trent walked into the Frame Clinic and Gallery around 10:40 AM and asked about “product to bring his hair back.” An employee at the salon--which also doubles as an art gallery and frame shop--told Trent (seen above) that no such magic potion was available.

At this point, cops report, Trent “became belligerent and created a disturbance inside the business.” He was subsequently arrested on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

Trent--whose hair color is listed as “BALD” in police and jail records--was booked into the Shelby County Detention Center. In an unrelated case, Trent, who remains behind bars, is facing charges for arson, criminal mischief, and violating a protective order. (1 page)