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Cops: Woman Called 911 Over Meth Quality

Montanan, 33, said narcotics left a “bad taste”

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Meth 911 Call

AUGUST 28--A Montana woman called 911 to report that she had purchased some “bad meth,” adding that the drug left a “bad taste in her mouth,” according to police.

A Great Falls Police Department officer was dispatched Friday afternoon to the home of Margery Ann Dayrider, 33, who had dialed cops to report having a bad reaction to meth she had injected.

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Dayrider told Officer Jon Marshall that she “believed she got some bad meth and was having a bad reaction to it, vomiting, tingling tongue, bad taste in her mouth."

As first reported by the Great Falls Tribune, Dayrider told the cop, “I do meth three times a day everyday and have never had this reaction before.” Dayrider said that she and her boyfriend had purchased the drug the night before and that she injected herself at 9 AM, 11 AM, and 3 PM.

While speaking with the patrolman, Dayrider said that she “still had some meth inside her bra.” Dayrider then provided the remaining narcotics to Officer Marshall, who reported that a field test of the crystalline substance was positive for methamphetamine.

Dayrider was subsequently arrested on a felony narcotics possession charge (which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison). The affidavit notes that Dayrider also had separate “warrants for her arrest.”

Dayrider is locked up in lieu of $2500 bond. (1 page)