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Trump Fan Nabbed For Vandalizing Gay Pride Mural

Driver, 19, did burnouts atop painted installation

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Trump Flag Vandal

FEBRUARY 13--A man with a giant Donald Trump flag flying from the bed of his pickup truck vandalized a LGBTQ+ mural by doing multiple burnouts atop the painted installation, according to police who arrested the motorist on a felony charge.

Police in Delray Beach, Florida allege that Dylan Reese Brewer, 19, intentionally left "numerous" black skid marks across downtown's "Pride Intersection," which is painted to resemble a pride flag.

Surveillance cameras recorded the Dodge Ram truck--with its Trump flag flapping--screeching across the roadway last Sunday. Witnesses told police that the vehicle (seen above) performed repeated burnouts on the mural, which was installed by the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

According to a police report, the witnesses said the truck was outfitted “with a large ‘President Trump’ flag.” The vehicle's license plate--registered to Brewer's parents--was "4USA5," an apparent reference to Trump being the country's 45th president.

Cops noted that Brewer’s Instagram page--which has since been made private--included a profile photo showing the Dodge with the Trump flag affixed to it. 

In sworn statements, two passengers in the truck told police they “were present during the burnout incident,” with one adding that Brewer “recently got a modification to his truck that allows him to do burnouts more easily.”

Brewer, who yesterday turned himself in, was charged with reckless driving and criminal mischief. The latter count is a felony since the alleged property damage exceeds $1000.

Brewer, pictured above, was released this afternoon from the Palm Beach County jail after posting $5250 bond. He is scheduled for a March 14 arraignment.

Arrest records list Brewer’s residence as a waterfront home in Clearwater owned by his parents, a realtor and a funeral home operator. He is registered to vote, as a member of the Republican Party of Florida, from that address.

Brewer has attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, which is less than 10 miles from Delray Beach (and 250 miles across the state from Clearwater). He played on the school’s hockey team and, according to Facebook posts, races automobiles.

The Delray Beach installation was previously defaced in 2021 by a motorist who burned skid marks into the mural. Alexander Jerich, 20, pleaded guilty to the exact charges Brewer faces. At the time of the vandalism, Jerich--who was driving a pickup truck (seen below) flying a large “Trump Train” flag--was participating in a road rally celebrating Trump’s birthday.