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The Houston Astros Highlight Of The Year

The man who made the greatest illegal field dash ever

Houston Astros Fan

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Astros Fan On Field

MAY 16--The Houston Astros fan who ran onto the field Friday and escaped pursuing security guards with an impressive display of parkour-like skills is a former college baseball star who was celebrating his 27th birthday that evening at Minute Maid Park, The Smoking Gun has learned.

As seen in the below video shot by a fan, personal trainer Kevin Crabtree bolted from the stands in the bottom of the ninth inning of a game between the Astros and the New York Mets. Crabtree hit the grass at the very last minute--there were two outs in the final inning, and batter Carlos Lee was facing a 3-2 count.

After running up the center field embankment and evading a cop, Crabtree hopped the outfield fence and began climbing up a series of high steps. When a stadium worker approached, Crabtree reached up and pulled himself onto the roof of a grass-covered structure beyond the outfield wall. This move was met with screams of approval from Astros fans.

After scrambling up the green incline, Crabtree pulled himself up and through a semicircular opening and disappeared from sight. Again, the crowd roared.

Crabtree was subsequently corralled and charged with criminal trespass and evading arrest or detention, both misdemeanors. Pictured in the below mug shot, Crabtree is due Friday for an appearance in Harris County Criminal Court.

A Sugar Land, Texas resident, Crabtree is a former outfielder with Stephen F. Austin State University who was a first-team All-Southland Conference selection in 2008. Click here for a photo of a collegian Crabtree in mid-swing.

According to a biography on Crabtree’s web site, the former Division I star “was expecting to be drafted in the 2008 draft by the Astros or Cardinals, as the scouts showed interest, but for whatever reason I fell short.” So Crabtree’s major league debut Friday night was not what he had long planned.

Still, his dash heard ‘round the world (the YouTube video “The Great Fan Escape” is approaching one million views) could help his personal training business. Clients everywhere would love to develop the kind of speed, strength, and dexterity exhibited by Crabtree. As he notes on his web site, “I believe that gyms and facilities are over rated to achieve your fitness goals. With my help, you can become in the best shape of your life right in your home or outdoors.” Those outdoors, though, would presumably not include baseball stadiums.

Crabtree did not respond to a message left on his voicemail or a note sent via Facebook. (2 pages)

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I guess it's too much to ask for stadiums to expect adults to act like adults, but then again, what can they really expect when they serve alcohol? Was the game that boring for the Astro fans to have screamed their approval?
at 15 and 27 the Astros could probably use him
He waited until the bottom of the 9th. Good job!
Geez why don't you morons, maroons, dipsticks or whatever you call yourselves get out of your parent's basement and go have some fun some where. I thought this was hilarious. Good for him.
It's better then watching the mets.
Personal Trainer, huh? Translation: I've failed at everything else in life. In spectacular fashion.
Oh, whatsa matter, Bunkie? Daddy was boinking the babysitter while Mommy was shootin' meth, and you didn't get enough attention? So sad you'll be known as an a-hole the rest of your life.
Every dork I know is a "personal trainer."
I'll bet WilliamPenn is a "personal trainer"!
Workin those glutes 3-4 times a day. He says "harder" more often then louvourvets says racist comments.
Thanks for the name change, Working Liberal, but I think I'll keep it the way it is. I don't make racist comments, so you're a liar which is typical for someone who's ego feels threatened. You might want to think of getting a personal trainer to help work off some of that anger you put upon yourself whenever you read comments from anyone you disagree with. And maybe a little exercise is just what your brain needs to help you stop posting such lame comments you actually think are funny (though, I have to admit I have chuckled at a few of them).
I don't think your all that bad loveourvets. I'm just havin some fun. I'm really not an angry guy. You wouldn't belive the smile I have on my face right now.
You don't make racist comments? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH LOVEOURVETS??? IMPOSTER!!!!
People like that really need to have their teeth knocked down their throats.
This is what happens when you pour slovenly middle-aged white guys into uniforms and call them "security" - they get publicly spanked by an average dude that can run a 10K and do 30 push-ups.
The idiot screaming the loudest looks like he's in his 50's. What a maroon
What an ingoranimus!
I know I was thinking the same thing! He sounded 18 but looked 50! As far a "maroon" goes, he's making a reference to how Bugs Bunny would call someone a moron, guess the other reply is too young to know that.
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He's going to need escape and evasion skills in the showers if they send this light-skills technician to jail
I seriously doubt he's going to jail for two misdemeanors. Too bad, no new boyfriend for you!
haha nice reply. theres no need to be so negative on this site. he didn't hurt anybody, just made fat guards look silly.