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Beaten, Slurring David Wells Calls 911

Here's the 911 call placed by New York Yankees pitcher David Wells moments after he was punched out during a brawl last September in a diner on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

According to prosecutors, the 6'4", 240-pound athlete was sucker-punched by Rocco Graziosa, a 5'7", 150-pound troublemaker now on trial for assault (during the 911 call, the 39-year-old pitcher describes his assailant as a "fucking Italian, little squatty-body motherfucker").

On the tape, Wells--who lost two teeth in the fight--repeatedly slurs his words, curses at the operator, and reports, "My emergency is I just got offended" (TSG thinks Wells meant assaulted).

Below you'll find a transcript of the 911 call and links to the 2:00 tape itself. (1 page)

Click here to download an MP3 of the Wells 911 call.

Operator: Police operator 139, what is the emergency?

Wells: Um, my emergency is I just got offended. I'm on 86th and Third. Uh, actually 86th and First. I'm on...

Operator: Sir...

Wells: Gra, Gracie's, Gracie's fucking diner, on 86th and First, alright?

Operator: 86th and First?

Wells: Yeah.

Operator: That's First Avenue?

Wells: Yeah, sorry.

Operator: Okay, but that's in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, or Manhattan?

Wells: Yes, somebody now, now...

Operator: Sir, sir, sir...

Wells: No, fuck the bullshit.

Operator: Where are you at?

Wells: I just got my, I just got offended.

Operator: Are you in Manhattan?

Wells: Yes, I am, sir.

Operator: Now what do you mean you've been offended?

Wells: You know, send the goddamn fucking cops...

Operator: Hello, sir...

Wells: I, I just...

Operator: What is going on over there?

Wells: Send the fucking cop. Nine motherfucking one one.

Operator: What's going on over there?

Wells: Just now...

Operator: What's going on?

Wells: I just got, I just got my teeth knocked in, alright?

Operator: Okay. You need an ambulance?

Wells: Nope. But I need assistance. You know what, don't fucking make me...

Operator: Who, uh, do you know who hit you?

Wells: Yeah, I know who hit me. He's in there, uh, eating his dinner.

Operator: He's inside right now.

Wells: You know what...this is fucking bullshit. Send the, send the goddamn cop right now...

Operator: Hello, sir, sir, stop cursing.

Wells: Nine one one.

Operator: Now, can you describe him?

Wells: Send the cop.

Operator: Sir, can you describe him?

Wells: 86th and First. Send the cop, please.

Operator: Can you describe him, sir?

Wells: Yeah, he's a fucking, he's a mula, he's a fucking Italian, little squatty-body motherfucker, alright?

Operator: What's your name?

Wells: David Wells.

Operator: What's the phone number?

Wells: I don't know, I'm on the corner.

Operator: What's the phone number you're calling from?