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Sisters Charged For Sexually Assaulting Man With Pliers

Cops: Victim, 18, was also forced to drink urine


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Wisconsin Pliers Attack

FEBRUARY 1--Two Wisconsin sisters are facing criminal charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a man with a pair of pliers after having forced him to drink a glass of urine, police allege.

A harrowing criminal complaint does not offer a motive for the attack, which occurred four months ago and resulted last Friday in the filing of felony and misdemeanor charges against Valerie Bartkey, 24, and Amanda Johnson, 17.

Bartkey (left) and Johnson are pictured above in photos from their Facebook pages.

The victim, a high school student, told the St. Croix Sheriff’s Department that he was playing Xbox at home when Johnson called and invited him to hang out with her. He accepted her offer and subsequently ended up at the home of a mutual friend, a 16-year-old boy identified in the complaint by the initials “AJK.”

While at AJK’s residence, the victim joked about punching the brother of Bartkey and Johnson. This, he said, prompted the sisters--who had been smoking pot--to assault him. Bartkey, the victim told investigators, stepped on his neck while he was on the ground, while Johnson stomped on his left arm.

From there, the sisters allegedly placed one of teen’s sneakers in the toilet and urinated on it. The other sneaker was filled with water in the sink.

The teenager said that as he sat on the home’s porch, Bartkey came out “with a glass of a liquid substance that she told him was lemonade.” She told him that he had to drink “or else she would put his head back and force him to drink it,” the victim told sheriff’s deputies. The teen emptied the glass, which had ice cubes in it.

In an interview, “AJK” confirmed the victim’s account, telling investigators that Bartkey, seen in the mug shot at left, began vomiting (and Johnson started gagging) when the teen drank the urine. When “AJK” asked the pair what they had done, they replied “we peed in the cup and made him drink it.” The teen witness said that he told them “if they did one more dumb thing they were going to have to leave because that ‘was fucking disgusting.’” “AJK” also told investigators that he did not want the sisters at his home because “whenever I hang out with them, bad stuff happens.”

When he finished ingesting the urine, the victim told investigators that Bartkey told him to go to a downstairs bedroom. He said he agreed “because he was scared and didn’t want anything else damaged.” She then told him “you better take your clothes off or I’m gonna take a pair of scissors to your pants.”

After briefly departing the bedroom, the sisters returned. Bartkey was carrying a pair of pliers, and Johnson had a belt in her hands. The victim said that Bartkey warned that he had better do what they say “or else.”

Bartkey, the teenager said, got undressed and said she wanted to have sex with him. When he declined, the victim recalled, Bartkey “pulled on and twisted his penis with the pliers.” The teen said that “his penis hurt and he was afraid that Amanda was going to hit him with the belt.” He added that, on a scale of one to 10, “the pain to his penis was a 10.”

The confrontation ended when “AJK” entered the room, took the belt from Johnson (pictured in the mug shot at right) and told the sisters to leave his home. The victim was later examined by an ambulance crew and transported to a local hospital by his grandmother.

In late-October--a month after the assault--Johnson allegedly called the victim and warned that, “You better drop these fucking charges” or else she would claim that he had smoked marijuana on the night of the incident (a claim the teen denied). As a result of the call, Johnson was charged with a misdemeanor count of intimidation of a victim.

Bartkey and Johnson were both charged with sexual assault, a felony, and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal damage to property. They are scheduled for an initial court appearance on April 12. (7 pages)