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Sex Rejection Prompted Battery, Police Charge

Woman, 27, struck bystander in head with ashtray

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"No Sex" Battery

AUGUST 25--After getting turned down when she propositioned a man for sex, a Florida woman allegedly began throwing objects at the man, including a glass ashtray that missed its intended target, but shattered when it struck the forehead of a female bystander, police report.

Thomas Chesser told cops that he was at his residence in Fellsmere when Amber Baldwin, 27, “propositioned him for sex.” Chesser, 59, added that he declined the offer, “which made Baldwin upset.”

Baldwin, seen above, then allegedly began throwing items at Chesser, who was changing a tire in front of the home he shares with roommate Jennifer Crosby, 44. Baldwin sourced the projectiles from “junk and debris” scattered in Chesser’s front yard, according to a Fellsmere Police Department report detailing the July 31 incident. The Chesser abode is pictured below.

Crosby told officers that when she and Chesser entered their home, Baldwin threw an ashtray, which hit her in the head. When cops arrived at the scene, Crosby was covered in blood and had an abrasion on her head and lacerations on her neck and forearm. She was subsequently transported to a local hospital for treatment.

During questioning of Baldwin, cops noted that her breath smelled of alcohol and she had an abrasion on her right eye. Baldwin claimed she was “jumped by two women.” When a cop asked what prompted the attack, Baldwin “stated that she had thrown an ashtray at a male but hit the female by mistake.”

Baldwin was arrested for battery and booked into the county jail. Baldwin remained in custody until yesterday morning, when she was freed after local prosecutors declined to pursue the misdemeanor count.

Baldwin has been arrested five times this year and has a rap sheet that includes collars for theft, battery, trespass, aggravated assault, disorderly intoxication, burglary, criminal mischief, and drinking in public. (1 page)