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Cops: Ohio Sex Toy Thief Was Caught In Act

Man charged with swiping merch worth $336.93

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Explicit Inventory

MARCH 29--An Ohio man is facing a theft charge after allegedly stealing $336.93 worth of sex toys from an adult novelty store, according to police who prepared an explicit inventory of the purloined goods.

Cops responded Saturday morning to a panic alarm from a Cirilla’s store in Elyria, a city 30 miles west of Cleveland. Cirilla’s is a 60-store chain with outlets across the Midwest.

A store employee identified the shoplifting suspect as a white male male “carrying a large knife on his hip.”

Upon arriving at the store, officers spotted Joshua Millsap, 28, exiting Cirilla’s and entering the passenger side of a Ford sedan parked outside. When confronted by police, Millsap reportedly admitted stealing merchandise from the store.

After cops recovered some of the sex toys from the vicinity of the car’s passenger seat, a Cirilla’s clerk advised that other items were still missing. Millsap (seen above) then reportedly copped to cutting “a slit in his jacket” and concealing other sex toys inside the garment.

An officer “checked the jacket and located the additional items,” according to an Elyria Police Department report which included the below list of the seven recovered sex toys and their respective retail prices.

Millsap was cited for misdemeanor theft. Since he was the subject of an outstanding warrant in another jurisdiction, Elyria police turned Millsap over to the Ohio State Patrol.

For those interested in photos and descriptions of the stolen goods, the Cirilla’s web site allows visitors to search using the five- and six-digit product codes that precede the police line entries for items like the $42.99 “Urethral Sound Trainer” and the $99.99 “Shape Shifter Inflatable Butt Plug.” (2 pages)