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Man Kills Wife During Fantasy Sex Gunplay

Oklahoman claimed couple often engaged in risky act


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Sex Game Murder

DECEMBER 28--An Oklahoma City man facing a murder charge told cops that he accidentally shot his wife while the couple was having sex and engaging “in sexual fantasy involving a gun.”

Arthur Sedille, 23, called police last Tuesday to report that he “accidentally shot his wife in the head,” according to a court filing. Rebecca Sedille, 50, died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Sedille top cops that he and his wife “often engage in sexual fantasy involving a gun,” and that he had “retrieved a handgun from a shelf beside the bed, racked the slide back causing the gun to cock and then placed the gun to his wife’s head.” The gun then discharged.

Sedille, pictured in the above mug shot, told investigators that he “did not realize the gun was loaded until the gun went off.” He is being held without bond at the Oklahoma County jail.

On his Facebook page, Sedille’s “likes and interests” include an assortment of pages devoted to weapons, gun sellers, and Smith & Wesson. He lists his employer as Stockton Telecom. (2 pages)

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um i think he failed the gun test at least five times and they probably gave it to him to keep him from coming back but honestly most ppl should that if u take the clip out assume that once cocked there is a bullet in the chamber and u dont point at someones head.
So, did he cum?
Based on the ages, did he call his wife Mama.
Yeah, i ALWAYS make sure mines not loaded in this situation >.> <.<
A sad day for us gun owners to see this stupidity. Even if he cocked it and dropped the clip out, there is still a round in the chamber. 1. Always treat a gun as loaded. 2. Identify your target before shooting. 3. Identify what is behind your target. 4. NEVER point a gun at anybody.
This guy is too stupid to be having sex. "I didn't know the gun was loaded." DOO TU DOOOO! "Here's your sign." Howabout uh, now work with me here for a minute....NOT USING A REAL GUN YOUR FKING MORON!!!! And you wonder why other countries laugh at us. Because we have far too many stupid people breeding. Imagine if this idiot was in the military what could have happened.
I do not see how someone can own that type of gun, and have guns as one's "likes and interests", and not know that if the slide comes forward with the clip in, that that the weapon is loaded. For you non-gun nuts out there, this would be the rough equivalent of a lumberjack claiming that while there was a great deal of noise and smoke coming from his chainsaw, he was not aware it was on. I believe this is murder, and his only stupidity is in thinking anyone will buy his story.
Can you say "METH-HEAD"
Sad that she is dead but at only 23 we can only hope that he has yet to breed any more of his genes and by the time he gets out of the slammer he won't be able to.
Some Liberal lawyer and judge will knock it down to manslaughter and he'll be out in 10 years. Then he'll go on to knock up some 16 yr old and probably "accidentally" shoot her father when he finds out. Happens everyday.
If the clip in the gun is empty you can not "jack" the slide, there is a stop in the clip. If the slide comes forward you just chambered a round. Thats the way all the automactics that I have shot work. If the clip is out the slide will come forward. Anyway, another dum a$$ with a hand gun, or was it a murder?
He's 23; she was 50. Guns in bed isn't the only thing unusual in this relationship. Mommy issues?
I don't think this guy's defense, "[I didn't know] the gun was loaded" is going to do well in court. As "Smoking Fun" says, he failed multiple times to do simple checks to avoid this kind of thing. If you must absolutely point a gun at someone you don't intend to kill, you'd better damn well make sure it isn't loaded. Absolutely no excuse for this. Furthermore, when the slide comes forward, if the gun is loaded it should make a different sound than when it is unloaded. I don't buy his defense.
Rule #1, Always assume the gun is loaded. Rule #2, Never point the gun at anything you don't want holes in. Rule #3, Never put your booger picker on the trigger unless you want a bullet to come out the end of the gun. Three simple rules eliminate so many problems.
This guy is obviously not too smart even though he is a "Collage" graduate from "Seminole Community Collage" (from his Facebook page). Makes me wonder what it takes to fail in college these days.
WOW another STUPID Okie!!