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Cops: Woman, 61, Clobbered Hubby For Sex Refusal

Floridian faces domestic battery charge

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No Sex Battery

JANUARY 9--After her husband refused to have sex with her, a 61-year-old Florida woman punched her spouse in the face before twice kneeing him in the groin, according to police who arrested the woman for domestic battery.

As detailed in a criminal complaint, a tipsy Kerry Lee Pineiro last night clobbered her husband inside the couple’s condominium in Seminole. Pineiro, cops charge, became “upset” with the 60-year-old victim “after he would not have sex with her.”

After punching her husband in the eye, Pineiro kneed him in the groin when he sought to keep her from driving away from their home, investigators allege. Pineiro is also accused of kneeing her spouse in the groin a second time and then kneeing him in the thigh.

When questioned by a cop, Pineiro said she had “zero story,” adding that she wanted to go to jail. En route to the county lockup, Pineiro, seen above in a Facebook photo, denied striking her husband.

Charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor, Pineiro spent the night in jail before a judge released her today on her own recognizance. She has been ordered to wear a “continuous alcohol monitor” during the duration of her criminal case. (1 page)