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Tea-Bagger Busted In Florida

Arrestee's, er, persuasion evident in his booking photo

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February 18, 2011 Mugs

NOTE: This week’s booking photo roundup can be viewed two ways:

I) Click here to page through the photos in old school TSG style. In the upper right corner of each page you’ll find a description of the criminal charge(s) leveled against the suspect.

II) To look at the booking photos in a lightbox, just click the image beneath the “View The Document” arrow at left. When you mouse over the respective photos, the charged crime(s) will appear in a small box.

FEBRUARY 21--The Arizona gent with the big eyes who kicks off this week’s mug shot roundup was collared for shoplifting and failure to appear. Which seems to have come as a surprise to the 46-year-old perp. As for his fellow suspects, a few notes:

1) Either some California cops are on the cutting edge of experimental mug shot photography or a camera setting was off when the 43-year-old homemaker on page #3 was booked into jail Sunday; 2) The 21-year-old Floridian on page #4--a supporter of the tea bag movement--was busted Wednesday for pot possession and tampering with evidence; 3) The 18-year-old Michigan man on page #8 was collared for malicious destruction of property. It is young Americans like him who are poised to help the country “Win The Future”; 4) The Florida woman, 44, on page #13 was arrested on an out-of-county warrant. A day does not go by without someone commenting on her beautiful eyes; and 5) The 90-year-old Idaho motorist on page #15 was busted Wednesday for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. (15 pages)

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Ke-rist! The author of this article clearly was using the term "tea-bagger" as a funny double entendre for the title. I highly doubt it was used to cast aspersions on the tea bag party. I mean, it made you look, didn't it? I cannot believe this silly liberal vs. conservative show down over something so ridiculous. No doubt they meant the dubious frat-boy practice of dipping ones cajones on the unsuspecting face of another; if not, what's the point? It is supposed to make you laugh, people.
lol for all of you donks who don't know what Tea-bagging is. The media is so dumb I can't believe that anybody bothers to listen to them. Tea-bagging is an old online gaming term for Tea bagging. You shoot the other player, the other player is now laying on the ground face up. you walk over to said other player and put your genitals on his face a bunch of times, get it? because the male genitals look like teabags?!!? Here I hope this helps.
Thanks. For those of us not raised in chapter 8 housing or who's mom didn't earn her living in a cheap bar or on street corner, this was a revelation.
I'm glad that liberals use terms like "Teabagger". It makes it so easy to point out the difference between regular folks and sleazy low lifes. Or, republican vs democrat. I also like to suggest that people google gay pride day in SF and watch a video clip or two, or watch a clip of liberals sitting in the trees at Berkley Campus hurling poo at passersby... I think it's important that people understand who they associate themselves with. Looking forward to 2012.
What, nobody is going to sing the "Sticks and Stones" rhyme? What's in a name anyway? Apparently it has the power to start a debate hot enough to divert attention away from real issues. Seriously folks do we politically active persons in charge of anything if they cannot come up with better debate strategies than base name calling? That behavior is only used as a last resort when they can no longer argue logically against their opponents. WE NEED TO BE SMARTER THAN THAT!!! That is if we expect to survive as a country. Study people's behaviors to find out what their true intentions are and listen to what they say so you can call them out when when their words and actions do not sync. SO says I redneked.
"Teabagging" is a term most people (other than liberals) are unfamiliar with. Liberals are also very familiar with other terms, such as, "corn holing", "golden showers", "gay sex" and "eating scat". It just comes with the territory.
You seem to know them pretty well, too.
Why do people who claim to be "liberal" and "open minded" seem to be the most closed minded?
You have a point there.
Just read the article and the radical lefts comments here. More hate speech from haters. This is why you will continue to lose. Please continue, it makes it so easy to reject your kind.
Guess all that hope and change is working for you then.
Teabaggers = parasites
I think you have it wrong "tea-party people" are against parasites.
Should change the name of this site to "The Smoking Bonehole" for all the Teabagging Lefties.
Teabaggers = Low-Life Queer Neo-Libs.Now if your talking about TeaParty members they would be considered True Americans unlike the Debaucherous Teabagging Left-Lie spinning Neo-Lib Traitors. That's right TRAITORS!!!
That's cute, run along now.
There is no difference between teabaggers and radical Muslims. Both are deeply conservative and both adhere to terrorism. Both hate liberalism and proudly murder liberals. Both are hell bent at destroying America. Both hate women. Both hate change. Both want to live in theological nations. Both believe it's ok to murder in the name of religion. Both refuse to accept differing views, political ideologies, or religions. Conservatism IS terrorism. Wake up America , we must abort this perverse, sick disease called conservatism. Conservatism is like a plague that goes against the very quintessence of human adaptation. Conservatism is the evil that plagues our country and planet. We should be at war with conservatism. Conservatism is perverse ideology. Conservatism must be aborted.
Actually, this sounds like a terrorist rant. Anyone who knows the origins of the Tea Party, is it dates back to pre- Revolutionary War days, when settlers of the new world wanted freedoms including the high taxes put upon them by England. That is why the Revolutionaries rebelled against the strict laws and high taxes of England. The same applies today. Middle-class citizens objecting to higher and higher taxes. I make less then $100k a year, so I pay over 65% of my income to various taxes. To me that doesn't sound unreasonable, or "terrorist". I have not read anything about any murders or terrorist attacks by these people, and from what I see, these "Tea Partiers" are a cross section, of people of all races, religions and social and economic groups. Obviously, this persons comments are not based on real events. Some people believe in taxing and spending and some believe in responsible economics, and personal resposibilty. There are the differences between Liberalism and Conservatism. I respect different views, do you?
Magnum XL Bagsucker - Big dif between Queers Teabagging & Radical Muslims ,the Muslims would kill the Left-Wingnut queers teabagging each other. Praise :P
Since teabaggers are gay men and gay men are usually liberal, wouldn't that mean that there is no difference between liberals and radical Muslims? And you are the one that sounds like the hater!
You're a nuckin fut, you left wing a hole.
He looks like he is super hungry for prison food...
With all this talk of "leftists" and "liberals" being bandied about as if they were dirty words, I doubt most who proclaim themselves to be part of the "Tea Party" movement realize how childish and stupid they sound when they complain of someone calling them a name such as "teabagger". If you are going to cast aspersions on another person due to your perception of their political philosophy, you must be prepared to take some good natured ribbing in return. In other words, don't tease the other children without expecting them to tease you, too. This is Kindergarten 101, people. When teabaggers start to get indignant and self-righteous and start using the term "liberal" or "lefty", you may as well be calling someone a "commie" or a "witch". That's what the ignorant do when faced with intellect or the unknown--they attack it because it scares the piss out of them. The fact that every step of civil prorgress that society has made in the last 150 years (abolition of slavery, vaccination, worker safety laws, child labor laws, food and drug purity laws, animal cruelty laws, civil works projects, etc.) was the result of liberalism and every miasma and repressive destruction (Jim Crow, WWI, Prohibition, the Depression, WWII, Hitler, Jewish genocide, Vietnam, Oliver North, Desert Storm I and II) was the result of conservatism, I think you Teabaggers would have died from ignorance if some liberals hadn't felt pity and brought you in out of the cold.
Aren't you making the same type of negativity in this post, as you are stating your. opposers are doing. You have now blended and blurred the differences in personalities
Remarkable. A sexual pejorative ain't "teasing" sparky. It's a sign of low breeding and a weak intellect. Unfortunately for you, you received a union education and aren't aware that it was a republican that abolished slavery, a democrat that invented Jim Crowe, Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist Party, A democrat started the Vietnam war, a republican ended it, the left that cheers for the enemies of Israel and the democrats that filibustered civil rights legislation in the 60s. Ignorance indeed.
Ahh, finally a person who paid attention in American History Class. The start of the Civil War was based on many things, not just Slavery. The North was predominately rich industrialist Republican, and the South was mainly Democrat. The highest level of the Ku Klux Klan, were upper politicos of the Democratic Party. Ironic, isn't it.
So the abolition of slavery was due to the liberals?? That is interesting since we all know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Seriously Spladow, you need to broaden your scope of learning beyond the likes of Rachel Maddow and The HuffPo. Do some reading for yourself, you might be shocked what you find out. You are fooled to the think the Democrats care for you, all they care for is your vote. They are depending on people like you to keep believing what you are told versus thinking for yourself. I have a question I would like you answer based on facts: Did FDR get us out of the Depression or did the jobs created by WWII? Now do your research, don't just jump to conclusions. You obviously have access to the internet so it should be easy. And you have to read the sides of both liberal and conservative and look for facts not opinions! Can't wait to hear back from you!
Southern Conservatives supported slavery while Northern liberals fought and murdered southerners to abolish slavery. Fact. Conservatism = terrorism
Check your history, Lincoln was a Republican. The South was Democrat. Did you not pay attention in history class?
We idiot - slapdow - liberal or leftist is a political identification and is not COMMIE or WITCH. Tea Party movement is a political identification - Teabagger is an insulting epithet to dehumanize them. For example - calling a man gay or a homosexual is not insulting. Referring to them as sex perverts or sodomites is. See the difference you moronic bozo? So by your own post you stupid piece of crap - since you are IGNORANT of the Tea Party movement - you attack the tea party movement because it scares the piss out of you. All of your examples of the "salvation" caused by liberals is addition evidence of your stupidity. And playing the Nazi card is the last desperate hope of a scoundrel America got into WW1 was started by LIBERAL Woodrow Wilson What is wrong with Prohibition- name me one positive thing booze has done for the world? Depression - caused by WW1, prolonged by FDRs policies. The liberals DON'T TELL YOU that America continued in the depression LONG AFTER Europe had pulled out of it. Jewish Genocide was promoted by Nazis. Nazis are leftsts. They were not assigned to the right wing until they attacked Russia. WHAT WAS THE NAME of the NAZI Party the NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY. Vietnam - JFK, LBJ - both liberals Oliver North - what did he do wrong but help fight against COMMUNIST NICARAGUA Desert Storm 1,2 - get rid of Saddam. I see - liberalism supports dicatators who have RAPE rooms. Jim Crow - result of the Confederacy, which I recall was DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Oh yes I see ignorance from stupid sexually perverted sodomites like you. America is heading for another Civil War, and I tell you that it will be a pleasure to seek you out on the battle field.
Liberalism is going down faster than Barney Frank at a gay convention; all because of uninformed thinkers like yourself. I use the word "thinker" loosely...
You might want to ask yourself why ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and NY Times do not report that the HPV (Human Papillomavirus Virus) is causing anal, mouth and throat cancer in gay men. The liberal entities do not care about the welfare of gay men; they care only that they are potential Democrat voters.
Show me the souces for you glorification of what liberalism has done in the past.
Show me the sources for you glorification of what teabag terrorists has done in the past.
"Good natured ribbing" of calling us teabaggers is a leftist tactic to discredit what they cannot counter.
There are teabaggers and there are Tea Party people. I refuse to allow this term to be the norm when talking about people who are concerned about their country, their life-time savings, about losing their homes, their childrens' futures, versus gay men that put stranger's testicles in their mouths. Incidentally, there are new statistics on a large number of males with cancer of the mouth/throat that was caused by the STDs commonly called HPV (due to oral sex). Perhaps those calling the Tea Party Movement "teabaggers" should worry about cancer of the mouth/throat, but you won't find much reporting on this in the leftist mainstream media because the gay lifestyle is another way to gain a larger liberal voting base. It has been known for years that HPV causes cervical cancer in woman when the STD is passed from males who are unaware that they are the carriers. Now the virus is causing cancer in men.
neither tea partiers nor tea baggers know their history. historically, the Tea Party was not about paying taxes, it was about not having representation. regardless of what anyone calls this hysteria movement, it remains leaderless because its only central basis is distrust based on ignorance and fear. unfortunately, the flames of division and hatred of fellow americans is fanned by those same interests who have historically created and institutionalized such disenfranchisement among the middle class and elderly for their own purposes, in the past they paid off elected officials to turn some votes, now with tea party candidates they have paid for body and soul outright, resulting in less representative government, not more. rather than arguing about name calling, worry about your country- terrible times ahead.
Correction: The Tea Party Movement believes in low taxes, smaller central government, more power to the states; this is right in line with the U.S. Constitution. I couldn't care less about the history of teabaggers (those that put testicles of strangers in their mouths). If you are one of them, watch out for mouth/throat cancer (HPV).
Teabaggers believe in ignorance, racism, and terrorism.
Don't talk with your mouth full and try to keep your nose out of my crack sweety.
What a bunch of intellectually lazy tripe jaygee wrote. Where is the tea party hatred you speak of? Not any evidence of it, only rumors. The only labelers and dividers are the left. I also love the 'paid off elected officials'. Now there's a generic, prattling quip. I guess there arent any 'paid off' politicians on the left. Thanks for pointing that out. I never knew. You obviously just dont like the the rational thinkers of this country started a movement to take it back. The only reason terrible times are ahead is because of the short-sided dopes like yourself who dont realize the country is beyond broke. So you stay lazy and nonsensical. It serves your side of the aisle well.
You're right. Jaygee sounds like he's putting that D+ he earned in sociology at the community college to work to prove to the rest of us that a mind truly is a terrible thing to waste. He's clearly unaware that his culture critique of the Tea Party Movement was such an uniformed caricature that his comments were an act of self-parody.
I think it shows the huge gulf between conservatism and liberalism, that when conservatives said Tea Party or Tea Bag Washington, they evoked the images of the Boston Tea Party and the original revolutionary spirit. Liberals, on the other hand, on the same subject, evoked the imagery of a perverted homosexual sex act. Pretty telling.
Hey, Agent...why don't you post that comment a couple more times?
I agree tea bagging is not a term that is strictly for the use of straights or gays, but it is kinda funny when you hear Barney "Loves the" Frank use it to belittle the Tea Party movement...
It says far more about Barney and the liberals than it does about Tea Partiers, considering Tea Partiers were invoking the Boston Tea Party, while liberals were envoking a disgusting, sex act.
I agree.
It says a great deal about the character of liberals and conservatives that conservatives without realizing it, referred to themselves by a white-trash term that liberals were all quite familiar with.
It says a great deal about conservatives vs. liberals that conservatives were thinking Boston Tea Party, when they said Tea Party, and liberals thought perverted, homosexual sex act (that no one had heard of outside of liberal circles.)