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Heeere's This Week's Mug Shot Roundup

Among the recently busted, 17 came shining through

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May 30, 2011 Mug Shots

NOTE: This week’s booking photo roundup can be viewed two ways:

I) Click here to page through the photos in old school TSG style. In the upper right corner of each page you’ll find a description of the criminal charge(s) leveled against the suspect.

II) To look at the booking photos in a lightbox, just click the image beneath the “View The Document” arrow at left. When you mouse over the respective photos, the charged crime(s) will appear in a small box.

MAY 30--Though she  was busted for harassment in Tennessee, the 19-year-old woman who kicks of this week’s mug shot roundup appears to be flying the colors of both the New York Knicks and the New York Mets. As for her fellow perps, some notes:

1) The Matthew McConaughey look-alike on page #2 was not arrested for playing bongos in the buff. The 43-year-old was actually collared by Florida cops for battery and criminal mischief; 2) Nabbed for possession of a controlled substance, the 27-year-old Alabaman on page #3 is wearing the always popular “lumberjack punching a bear” t-shirt; 3) The Michigan gentleman, 22, on page #5 was arrested Wednesday for drunk driving; 4) Florida cops busted the 31-year-old “Shining” fan on page #7 for battery. Thankfully, no ax was involved; 5) The 19-year-old Banksy fan (or, who knows, maybe it’s Banksy himself) on page #10 was popped for driving without a valid license; 6) At 77, the woman on page #11 is this week’s oldest arrestee. And, yes, she was busted for domestic battery by Florida police; 7) Fittingly, the 23-year-old woman who appears to be topless on page #12 is an entertainer at an establishment known as Showgirls. She was nabbed Monday for battery and marijuana possession; and 8) With toothbrush and plastic drinking cup already in hand, the 35-year-old woman on page #16 seemed ready for her stay in an Oregon lockup (where she landed after a trespassing bust). (17 pages)

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