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Woman Busted For "Rough Sex" With Girlfriend

Floridian faces battery rap for encounter with gal pal


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Rough Sex Assault

NOVEMBER 1--An evening of "rough sex" turned criminal when a Florida woman who describes herself as a “sadomasochist” continued to use a sex toy on her live-in partner after the woman “kept telling her to stop,” police allege.

Mia McCarthy, 23, was arrested Wednesday for sexual battery and booked into the Palm Beach county jail, where she is locked up in lieu of $50,000 bond.

McCarthy, seen in the adjacent mug shot, has also been charged with strangling her 52-year-old girlfriend during a separate encounter last month in the Lake Worth home they have shared for the last nine months.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office report, McCarthy and the victim had celebrated the older woman’s late-July birthday at a nightclub where they smoked pot (and McCarthy used Kratom, which she described as an opiate). When they returned home, the pair engaged in sexual activity that resulted in McCarthy’s arrest.

The victim told a sheriff’s deputy that McCarthy assaulted her with a dildo, adding that it was the first time her girlfriend “got rough with her.” After waiving her Miranda rights, McCarthy told investigators that she was a “sadomasochist” and that the couple “enjoys rough sex together which sometimes leaves marks.”

McCarthy said that the women did not use “safe words,” and that “no means yes” for the victim. Asked about the July encounter--which the victim told deputies about this week--McCarthy contended that the pair was “having consensual sex” that involved a vibrator.

McCarthy acknowledged that, “I didn’t stop, I meant to stop” when her partner asked her to cease using the sex toy. McCarthy claimed that she wanted the victim to “keep coming,” though the woman was in pain. McCarthy added that she subsequently apologized to her girlfriend for the painful encounter.

The victim told cops about the July incident after McCarthy was arrested last week for allegedly for assaulting her girlfriend. The victim alleged that McCarthy choked her during the attack and said, “Breathe or I’ll kill you.” A sheriff’s deputy noted that the victim was bruised and had fresh scratches and a bite mark on her neck. (2 pages)