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Police Hunting Waffle House Masturbator

Worker was filmed pleasuring self in booth

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Waffle House Jerk

5/11 UPDATEWilliams surrendered to police this afternoon on public indecency and probation violation counts. He will also be served with a warrant charging him with Violation of Sex Offender Registry for failing to disclose his employment at Waffle House to law enforcement officials.

MAY 8--A Waffle House employee who was videotaped by a fellow worker masturbating inside the open Georgia restaurant is being sought by police on an arrest warrant charging him with public indecency, cops report.

Emanuel Williams, 36, is wanted in connection with the incident Monday afternoon in the dining room of a Waffle House in Macon, according to police.

Williams, pictured at right, is on the Bibb County sex offenders list due to a 1999 rape conviction for which the convicted felon served nearly a decade in state prison.

Investigators who watched the video reported that it “clearly” shows Williams masturbating and “has a shot of his penis.” While pleasuring himself, Williams was “sitting at a booth facing a window,” according to a Bibb County Sheriff's Office report.

As detailed in a second police report, Williams and a female coworker were the only employees in the eatery Monday when Williams announced that he was preparing to pleasure himself. The woman, who said she was on the phone at the time, told deputies that she did not take Williams seriously.

Upon finishing her call, the woman “walked over to the suspect to see if he really was jacking his penis, and he was,” an investigator reported. The woman said that she began recording Williams with her phone because she “knew no one would believe her” when she later recounted the incident.

“She stated that as she was recording him, she was telling him the whole time that she was recording him and that he was a pervert,” a deputy noted. “She stated that he responded by saying he wasn't a pervert he was just a freak."

The coworker told investigators that when she told Williams that he should not be surprised if the video began circulating, he “stated that he didn’t care.” The woman said that Williams “continued on until he masturbated,” adding that she “told him she hopes he washes his hands.”

The video of Williams subsequently was uploaded to Facebook and provided to a local TV news station. Williams was fired immediately after Waffle House corporate officials learned of the video.

The restaurant worker told deputies that she decided to formally report the incident after she began receiving threatening Facebook messages from Williams and his girlfriend. The woman said that she was afraid to return to the Waffle House because “she thinks they are going to come to her job and fight her.” (2 pages)