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Suspect Sought In Vile Taco Bell Incident

Woman tossed container of human waste into eatery

MAY 14--A Taco Bell customer tossed a bottle filled with human waste through the restaurant’s drive-thru window, according to Georgia police who are seeking the public’s help in identifying the female suspect.

Investigators report that the woman was involved in a late-night dispute with workers last Thursday at a Taco Bell in Augusta.

During the 11:30 PM confrontation, the woman initially leaned out the rear passenger window of a silver sedan and tried to douse a worker with liquid she squeezed from a plastic bottle. The bottle, cops say, was filled with urine and feces.

The suspect then threw the bottle into the Taco Bell via the drive-thru window, prompting the eatery’s closure for two hours so that employees could sanitize the premises.

Police say that the suspect then fled in the vehicle, which was driven by a black male and may have had South Carolina license plates.

Seen in the above surveillance photo, the suspect is described as between 18 and 25 years old, “last seen wearing glasses and a white tank top.”

Cops have not offered a theory as to why the woman was traveling with a container brimming with a human waste slurry when she arrived at the Taco Bell (seen below).