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Shopper Ingested Semen-Tainted Yogurt Sample

Lab tests confirm New Mexico woman’s suspicion

Yogurt Sample

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Tainted Yogurt Sample

FEBRUARY 7--Confirming the suspicions of a New Mexico woman, a yogurt sample provided to her last month by a grocery clerk contained semen, according to test results that prompted police to secure a search warrant authorizing them to collect blood and DNA samples from the suspect.

The disclosure that the yogurt sample from an Albuquerque market tested positive for “sperm cells” and saliva is contained in a search warrant affidavit seeking blood and DNA samples from Anthony Garcia, the 31-year-old suspect.

The January 28 warrant, which was approved by a District Court judge, notes that the samples were needed to “make sure Mr. Garcia does not have any illness or disease that could harm” the victim, whose name TSG has redacted from court documents due to the nature of the incident.

When police arrived to investigate the January 25 incident at the Sunflower Farmers Market, they arrested Garcia after determining he was the subject of two outstanding warrants connected to a 2009 bust for criminal sexual contact with a minor. Garcia is pictured in the above mug shot.

According to a police report, the 28-year-old victim was shopping with her daughter in the store’s cereal aisle when she was approached by Garcia, who worked in the store’s dairy department. After accepting Garcia’s offer of a yogurt sample, the woman immediately thought the sample tasted “gross and disgusting” and, cops reported, “said it tasted like ‘semen.’”

In a handwritten statement, the woman said, “I spit it out on the floor many times cuz I was upset.” The woman recalled that when she talked to manager Catherine Flores, “she told me was a Greek yoghurt. People love it has lot of protein on it.”

The woman paid for her groceries and returned home, where she told her boyfriend about the incident. She told of how Garcia had “just come with one sample just for me,” and that “he was so pushy to tell me how taste it.” The woman and her boyfriend eventually returned to the market, where they summoned police.

When questioned by cops, an “extremely nervous” Garcia denied putting bodily fluids in the yogurt container, which he admitted discarding in a trash compactor after the woman complained about the sample’s taste.

An Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson said today that blood and DNA samples have been collected from the incarcerated Garcia, and that results from lab tests are expected later this week. (8 pages)

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its BS, The victim is having flavored yogurt, she all of a sudden says, "OMG, there is cum in my yogurt" That is some funny crap, she's an experienced cum guzzler or its all BS
Should of used Visine or Tabasco like the other perps
I would take this creep out into the public square and cane him to within an inch of his life. Then, he would be transported to the Mexican border and thrown across the line. If he was ever caught trying to return he would be summarily executed. So much for this clown--unless she enjoyed it.
u cant just simply beat someone for doing that..YES IT WAS DISTGUSTING but who are we to become the law when it would it make us more guilty than him..i feel sorry for this women cuz she had to eat something filled with semen but he should get a sentence that makes him think if it means a mexican prison and the central amercian prisons r the worse then he should get sent back and have his visa or green card revoked
I can never eat yogurt now :(
All well and good, and in a perfect world, Anthony will get a chance to sample some himself in jail. What I really want to know is why this DNA sample is produced from a warrant issued on 1/28/ freaking week....while the backlog in many places is over two years which allows rapists to continue to prey on additional victims. A soccer mom gets expedited service while rape victims get shelved on the back burner.
Garcia told her it was a new brand of yogurt...."Jizz on the Bottom". The woman became suspicious when she noticed the pubic hairs on top.
Only a few people on this post noticed she must have had a lot of experience in spooge tasting to detect some in a yogurt sample. Hell... at 28 y/o... she's had more bones in her mouth than a Saint Bernard!
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” The woman recalled that when she talked to manager Catherine Flores, “she told me was a Greek yoghurt. People love it has lot of protein on it.” More protein than she'll ever know...
Ahh, classic case of a good ol' Cum Dumpster. You know it took her about half a second to realize what was in that yogurt - I would venture to say she could probably deduce how much salt was in the semen. More importantly, that guy is clearly Mexican and an illegal, she should have known what she was getting into. Definitely her fault.
Why is it that when you talk about Mexicans you say they are illegal. What does that have to do with the semen in her yogurt? It could just as well been a white man of or any other nationality. Bigot
Lets see..... Garcia? Typical. So very typical.
Having read the full article and accompanying documents I am convinced we as a society are in our last days. Not only because sick SOBs like this POS exist, but because the complainant in this case was stupid enough to take the yogurt to begin with. Especially, after she witnessed the behavior of the defendant prior to his approaching her with the free sample. A sample which was placed on top of a dairy crate, with "clear liquid" present on the spoon. That should have been the first red flag. Sad all around.
This story made me hurl!
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It was a grocery store.
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