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Judge Stuffed Acorns With Condoms

Jurist nabbed for handing nuts to several women


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Condom In An Acorn

UPDATE: Click here to see a photo of the condom-stuffed acorns

SEPTEMBER 29--A Pennsylvania judge from the village of Intercourse is facing a disorderly conduct charge for allegedly approaching women near the state Capitol and handing them acorns he had hollowed out and stuffed with condoms, according to cops.

When confronted by officers last Tuesday, Isaac Stoltzfus, a District Court judge, claimed the bizarre incident was a joke.

According to a September 21 citation issued by Capitol Police, Stoltzfus, 58, “did conceal condoms in acorns and then gave them to women who were offended when they discovered the contents.”

The citation does not disclose the size of the acorns Stoltzfus passed out, or whether the condoms had been used.

Stoltzfus, running as a Republican, was reelected last year to a six-year term on the bench, where he earned $80,927 in 2009.

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Before everyone goes ape on lawyers and judges, District Judges are one of the oddities of Pennsylvania law (there are many.) They do not have to be, and usually aren't, lawyers. They have very limited jurisdiction but do mess up people all of the time. They'll conduct court in their homes. Actually a full description of the District Court and Disctrict Judge system in PA would be a great thing to see.
There is a special place in Hell for lawyers and pawnshop brokers and all others who make a living off someone else's misery...
that's just plain nuts
From "Toe Tappers" to "Shallow Nut" .....Republicans unreal in the headlines...Time to put the newpaper down and scrach to the Jerry Springer show. Now that's REAL!!!
I don't understand. Was he standing there waiting for the 'victim' to open it and then propositioning them? For that i could understand the charges. But if it was just a joke and he never asked them for sex, then what's the big deal, i think it's hilarious. Sure I might be grossed out, but to charge him, or even call the cops in the first place? I mean sure, he should have had better 'judgment' (hah) but I don't think that someone should be arrested because someone was offended by someone else's joke.
IntelligentinBklyn I HEER YU! I despise "Scandel" ! You just might be too smart for your own darn good!
IntelligentinBklyn Oh dear god, intelligent one, let us not have to centure this one! Please? Cause we don't know what the centure is. Can you explain it to us un-intelligent's that don't live in Brooklyn?
I am reminded of the quote that goes something like, "from the tiny acorn springs the mighty oak." But then I can't figure out, does the condom prevent the mighty oak or cover the mighty oak... I never did well in my Symbolism in Literature classes...
The connection is not being made here by the obvious conservatives commenting..Acorns and Condoms? Duh..How subtle. This guy is a judge. He deserves to be centured. He is bound by rules of ethics and he broke those rules. He is definitely a Creep and if he tried to hand me one of those condom-stuffed acorns, I would probably have taken out my cell phone, snapped a picture of him handing them out and posted it on FB (as well as to his local newspaper and local government officials.) This guy is Part Of The Problem and does not deserve to sit on the bench. Oh, and P.S.: The ACORN "Scandel" was FAKED by TEABAGGERS-Thank You Very Much.
makesenseudbag, while I understand the sentiment, I am married to a Progressive, I have to disagree. Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL has seen many a men having sex with each other on the street corners, the cops do nothing. If a guidance counselor hands a rubber to a sexy little high school girl he has the hots for, he is doing his job. I hate to state the obvious, but you don't get to pick-and-choose the rules. Get it, got it, good.
Oh my god. Really? An old guy with a job as a judge goes around handing out ACORNS stuffed with condoms to random unknown women and you jerks think that's NORMAL? Shut up. The guy is a freak and a pervert. What if he gave one to your nine year old daughter, huh? Think about it. He needs to be off the bench and in the old folks home NOW.
Why don't you teabagging d-bags shut the hell up. The first qualification for being a judge is exercising good judgement something this twisted a-hole is seriously lacking.
I'm with the person about 'what law'....again Schools give out condoms and Socialists cheer this guy did in a container that told people how this current National Nightmare was accomplished
So whats the crime here, handing out condoms? Good god no wonder we have such an overloaded justice system, bunch of whinny aholes passing asinine laws. Its a wonder we all dont end up in jail.
“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws.” -Ayn Rand