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Guest Sues Hyatt Over Pervy Cross-Dresser

Hotel worker found wearing woman's skirt, panties

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Hyatt Cross-Dresser

OCTOBER 5--A Los Angeles woman is suing the Hyatt Corporation for a bizarre incident this June during which she returned to her hotel room to discover a male worker wearing her panties, skirt, and high-heeled shoes.

In a Los Angeles Superior Court complaint filed yesterday, Dayanara Fernandez, 36, accuses Hyatt of invasion of privacy and assorted negligence in connection with the June 6 incident at the Hyatt in Deerfield, Illinois. A copy of Fernandez’s lawsuit can be found here.

Deerfield Police Department records show that Hyatt employee Oscar Garcia-Franco, 32, was charged with disorderly conduct for rifling through Fernandez’s belongings and trying on her garments in Room 249 of the hotel.

Garcia-Franco, who told cops he was cleaning Fernandez’s room, initially denied touching any of the guest’s personal items. However, he subsequently broke down in tears and admitted that he "removed his pants and underwear to try on" Fernandez’s panties and skirt, according to a police report. Garcia-Franco, pictured in the above mug shot, pleaded out to the misdemeanor charge in mid-July and was sentenced to 90 days of court supervision and ordered to pay a $187 fine.

According to Fernandez’s lawsuit, she was in town for a wedding when she returned to the Hyatt one afternoon to find a cleaning cart blocking her room door, which was closed. Upon entering, she discovered that the “contents of her luggage had been rifled through and were strewn about the sitting room.”

That is when Fernandez spotted Garcia-Franco “in the bedroom area of her room.” He was wearing a Hyatt shirt and had “an unusual expression on his face” when their eyes met, the complaint notes. At that point, Fernandez noticed that Garcia-Franco “was wearing one of her skirts and a pair of her high-heel shoes.”

Looking at Fernandez, Garcia-Franco said, “me like, me like,” and then ran into the bathroom. Fernandez, “in a state of semi-shock,” began gathering up “the strewn contents of her luggage,” according to the complaint. That is when she noticed, through the slightly opened bathroom door, that Garcia-Franco “was also wearing her panties.”

After changing out of Fernandez’s clothes, Garcia-Franco approached and “shouted in her face, ‘don’t tell, don’t tell.’ He also handed her various items of clothing, including several pairs of her panties,” the complaint charges.

Fernandez “reported the event to Hyatt’s management” and asked to be moved to a new room. However, the complaint notes, “The Hyatt manager, apparently not believing the story, did not take any further action until [Fernandez] insisted that the Hyatt call the police.” (5 pages)

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