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Man Abandoned Boy He Thought Was Gay

Defendant left victim on side of Florida highway

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Boy Abandoned

DECEMBER 4--Suspecting that a young boy was gay, a Florida man abandoned the child on the side of a highway Sunday night, telling him that “the police will find you a new home,” according to a court affidavit.

Investigators say that Evenaud Julmeus, 30, became “very upset” and argued with the child after discovering that the boy had been watching “male pornography with no females” on his phone.

Julmeus, seen at right, “told the victim to pack a bag and get into his vehicle.” Once inside the car, the preteen boy--who was carrying a small duffel bag containing several pieces of clothing--was told by Julmeus that he was being driven to police headquarters in Haines City, which is about 35 miles south of Orlando.

Julmeus lives in a Haines City residence with the boy, his two siblings, and their mother. It is unclear whether Julmeus, who is in a relationship with the victim’s mother, is the child’s father.

When Julmeus stopped on Highway 27 in front of the Haines City Police Department--which was closed at the time--he told the boy to exit the auto. “The defendant stated the police will find you a new home,” cops reported.

After police discovered the “upset and crying” child around 9:20 PM, the victim told them that Julmeus “left him on the side of the road because he thinks he is gay.”

When Julmeus returned home without the victim, the child’s mother asked where her son was. Julmeus reportedly replied that “if she wanted to get him, he’s at the police department.” The woman then left the home to find her son, leaving Julmeus to care for her two other children, a nine-year-old girl and a one-year-old.  

Julmeus, however, subsequently fled the residence before cops arrived to question him. He left the two minors “home alone with no supervision or care,” police alleged.

Julmeus was arrested Monday morning after turning himself in at Haines City police headquarters. He was charged with three counts of negligent child abuse and booked into the Polk County jail. After two days in custody, Julmeus was released this morning upon posting $3000 bond. (2 pages)