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Condom-In-My-Soup Lady Settles, Again

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Condom-In-My-Soup Lady Settles, Again

JANUARY 13--The California woman who sued a restaurant after allegedly finding a condom in her chowder agreed yesterday to a confidential settlement of her legal claim.

Amazingly, if Laila Sultan is to be believed, the condom episode was the second time she was forced to sue over an injurious incident at a chain restaurant. In December 1996, Sultan sued a Long Beach Taco Bell after she was burned by some spilled coffee (Sultan claimed her tray was bumped into by some rambunctious young customers).

A Taco Bell lawyer told TSG that Sultan's claim was "a b.s. case," but that the fast food firm settled the matter for about $2000 to avoid hefty legal fees. Before settling in the condom case, a lawyer for McCormick & Schmick's seafood restaurant ridiculed Sultan's claim, saying there was "absolutely no evidence to suggest the restaurant was the source of the condom" found in her grub in February 2002.

Along with the restaurant lawsuits, Sultan's tort history includes two other lawsuits, both of which she filed after allegedly being injured in auto mishaps. You'll find Sultan's Taco Bell lawsuit here. (5 pages)

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