DOCUMENT: Revolting

Boy, 8, "Evicted" From Home For Trump Vote

Video shows mom's reaction to school vote

11/12 UPDATE: Calling the video “absolutely disgusting” and “very disturbing,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls announced that police, child welfare workers, and school officials are investigating the incident. In a Facebook post, Nehls added that the boy “should not have been subjected to such awful behavior by his Mother."

NOVEMBER 12--Angered that her son voted for Donald Trump in a mock elementary school election, a Texas woman packed the child’s suitcase and shoved the wailing boy out of their home, saying “Bye, Donald Trump lover.”

A video of the troubling incident shows that the woman also gave her eight-year-old son a hand lettered sign to carry. “My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump,” it read.

The video, shot by the woman, was uploaded this week to her Facebook page and contained the caption, “When your child vote for Donald Trump at school. His ass must go.”

But after the 2:45 clip began circulating online and prompting outrage--along with calls to contact police and child welfare officials--the woman deleted her Facebook page.

The woman heard on the video berating the boy is Ashley Tchenavia Stallworth, a 29-year-old resident of Fresno, a Houston suburb. The video was shot at Stallworth’s Fort Bend County home, which is also listed in public records as the residence of Stallworth’s mother Gloria and her brother Timothy.

In Facebook posts, Gloria Stallworth described her daughter’s video as a “prank” that was meant “just for family and friends only.”

At the beginning of the video, the child is seen in the home’s entrance hallway as Stallworth says, “Since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get your shit and get out.” She then pointed to a small piece of rolling luggage at the front door: “The suitcase is packed by the door. Been packed since this morning. Bye.”

As Stallworth persists in demanding that he leave the home, the boy begins to cry and shriek. He falls to the floor. “Get up! Let’s go,” Stallworth yells as she hands the child the sign. After opening the front door, Stallworth says, “Here’s your suitcase, bye.” She then tells her sobbing son, “Go. We don’t do Donald Trump here. Bye.”

Stallworth then pushes her son out the door.

The clip then continues with video of the child walking away from the residence pulling the suitcase behind him. He is carrying the sign in his left hand.

As her son continues to sob, Stallworth says, “Bye, Donald Trump lover.” When the boy says, “I’ve got school tomorrow,” Stallworth replies, “you should’ve thought about that.” Standing on the sidewalk, the child asks where he is supposed to go. “This where you gonna be at from now on,” his mother replies.

When Stallworth (seen at left) asks the boy why he voted for Trump at school, the child answers, “Because he’s on TV a lot.”

After describing the sidewalk as her son’s “new home,” Stallworth then returns to her residence with her younger son in tow. The clip ends with the older boy crumpling to the sidewalk in tears. When Stallworth’s younger son begins to cry (and says, “My brother!”), she warns the child, “You can go be with the Donald Trump lover.”

According to court records, Stallworth shares custody of her two sons with their respective fathers (both of whom have been subject to court orders requiring them to make child support payments to Stallworth).

Stallworth could not be reached for comment about the “eviction” of her son, which, presumably, was meant to serve as some kind of a lesson. In an online post she made last year around Father’s Day, Stallworth saluted men who put their children first. “That’s the main thing when being a parent,” she wrote.