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Somehow, Vile "Akron Pooper" Still At Large

Cops have "received multiple tips on the pooper."

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Akron Pooper Sought

MARCH 27--Despite a police appeal that triggered worldwide media coverage and a torrent of social media activity, the notorious "Akron Pooper" remains at large more than two weeks after his photo and details of his vile spree were widely publicized.

Asked today about the status of the investigation, Akron Police Department spokesperson Lt. Rick Edwards said, “We have received multiple tips on the pooper.” While investigators are “following up on each and every one of them,” said Edwards, cops “have not identified the suspect and no charges have been filed.”

On the bright side, no additional public defecations have been reported in Ohio’s fifth-largest city since March 10, when a witness photographed the suspect as he prepared to relieve himself atop the hood of her 2004 Dodge Neon.

Police believe that the man, pictured at right, is responsible for defecating on--and, in some cases, in--at least 20 vehicles since 2012. Some victims have been repeatedly targeted, like the Dodge owner, whose car was attacked seven times over a four-month period.

The suspect has often struck in Akron’s Castle Homes neighborhood, usually between 4 AM and 6 AM, police say.

Numerous Akron police reports include victim accounts detailing how their autos were pooped upon. One man, whose Toyota was hit twice, reported discovering human waste smeared on the car’s passenger door. While “The excrement did not cause any damage to the car,” cops noted, it “did cause a big mess.”

Other victims have used the neighborhood’s Facebook page--where the suspect is known as the “Castle Homes Crapper”--to report on the man’s illegal activities. A typical post reported, “There was Poop on the hood of my car this past summer!!!!”

The Akron police poop hotline is awaiting tips at (330) 275-2552. (2 pages)