O'Reilly: Hand Over The Tapes

Loofah enthusiast says recordings will prove he was set up

Bill O'Reilly

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O'Reilly: Hand Over The Tapes

OCTOBER 20--Claiming that Andrea Mackris and her lawyers have intentionally transcribed secretly recorded conversations in a "misleading manner," lawyers for Bill O'Reilly and Fox News are seeking copies of these recordings, claiming that they will back up the cable news star's contention that he was set up by his former "O'Reilly Factor" colleague.

After lawyers for Fox and O'Reilly filed the below court petition, a New York judge ordered Mackis and her attorneys to appear at a hearing Friday to disclose whether such tapes exist (and why they should not be turned over to the O'Reilly camp).

In an affidavit, Fox lawyer Dianne Brandi cites detailed quotations (and transcribed "um's" and "you knows") in Mackris's sex harassment complaint as evidence that the 33-year-old associate producer was rolling tape when O'Reilly delivered his steamy loofah soliloquy. (6 pages)