Mom Passed Drugs To Son In Jailhouse Liplock

Tongue likely involved in yucky open-mouthed transfer


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Kissing Mom And Son

FEBRUARY 6--You know your mother loves you when she is willing to smuggle Oxycodone into the jail where you are incarcerated. Especially when she passes you the pills via an open-mouthed kiss.

That is what investigators allege transpired last Tuesday when Kimberly Margeson, 54, visited her offspring in an upstate New York lockup. Margeson’s son, William Partridge, 30, was being held following a weapons arrest.

According to a Yates County Sheriff’s Department report, Margeson put the Oxycodone pills “into her mouth and brought them into the jail when she visited her son.” She then passed two pills “from her mouth to her sons mouth when she kissed him.”

Deputies did not indicate whether tongue was involved in the transfer of the two painkiller pills, which were apparently intended for Partridge’s personal use and not resale.

Margeson was arrested and charged with a felony drug count. She and Partridge were also each hit with a misdemeanor count of promoting prison contraband. The pair is pictured in the above mug shots.

Margeson appeared in Town Court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to the two charges (she was released from custody after posting $2000 bail). Her son remains jailed and will be arraigned Monday on the contraband count. (1 page)