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Willie Nelson's Stash

Evidence photo of items seized in pot-puffing singer's tour bus bust

Willie Nelson

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Wille Nelson's Stash

SEPTEMBER 22--Music and marijuana fans alike will appreciate this evidence photo memorializing the stash seized earlier this week from Willie Nelson's tour by Louisiana state police.

During a September 18 traffic stop, cops smelled a strong odor of pot emanating from Nelson's bus. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up about 1-1/2 pounds of pot and a bag of mushrooms. The drugs were later photographed on the hood of a police cruiser.

Nelson, 73, and four other bus passengers (ages 75, 59, 54, and 50) were issued misdemeanor drug possession citations and released at the scene. Thanks to our friend Steve Bloom, proprietor of the Blooming Ideas blog, for the heads-up on the evidence photo's existence. (1 page)

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Damned Right ! Leave Willie alone. He has helped enough people to earn the right to bend a few rules.All you are after anyway is to see your smiling face on the 6o'clock news.But publicity can help you and it can also make you a whole lot of enemies.Several million.
I always wondered why the cops don't just follow Willie's bus around and arrest his all the time so they can increase their arrest record. Willie should be given a permanent pardon. He is a national treasure. I met him several years ago & he is the nicest person on this earth. If I were a law enforcement officer, I could not bring myself to ever consider going after this kind & gentle man. Long live Willie Nelson!