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Cops: Strip Club Employee Gave Lewd Jail Show

Suspect, 29, ditched clothes, pleasured herself in cell

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Jail Obscenity

MAY 20--A Florida strip club employee gave jail guards an X-rated show early yesterday after she was booked into custody for slapping a patrolman.

While investigating the reported theft of an iPad, cops encountered Lakeisha Johnson at around 1:20 AM. The 29-year-old, police reported, was spotted jumping fences and walking between homes in West Park, a community about 15 miles north of Miami.

When police sought to question Johnson, she started “using extremely vulgar language and began removing clothing,” according to a police report. Johnson was subsequently arrested after she slapped a cop’s arm and yelled, “Don’t touch me, bitch!”

Johnson, who told police she worked at Tootsie’s Cabaret, an upscale Miami strip club, was then transported to jail, where she treated guards to a lewd performance. Johnson removed her clothes and “exposed her vagina, anus, and breasts.” Officer Juan Canino added that, “On several occasions, the female licked her breast and masturbated.”

When a female officer sought to search Johnson, the inmate “removed her clothing once again and began rubbing her vagina.” While she was in the holding cell, Johnson “had to be ordered repeatedly to keep her clothes on and to stop masturbating,” noted Canino.

At one point, Johnson also allegedly told Canino, “I’ll suck your dick if you let me go.”

Pictured above, Johnson was charged with resisting an officer without violence, a misdemeanor (for which bond was set at $100). Johnson, who remains in custody, is not facing additional charges for with what investigators termed her “vulgar sexual behavior.” (2 pages)