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Strip Club Patron Left Daughter, 7, In Locked Car

Child asleep outside as dad partied at Diamond Club


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Dad In Club, Kid In Car

AUGUST 28--A Florida man was arrested early this morning for child neglect after he allegedly left his seven-year-old daughter in a parked car while he spent about an hour inside the Diamond Club strip joint, police report.

Responding at 1:22 AM to a call about a child locked in a vehicle, a cop discovered the girl sleeping inside a Nissan registered to Elliut Gonzalez.

According to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report, a cop was standing by the car when she spotted “a Hispanic man wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans exit the main entrance of the Diamond Club,” an Orlando gentlemen’s club.

As noted by Officer Angela Keller, the 38-year-old Gonzalez acknowledged ownership of the Nissan, adding that he was supposed to meet a friend at the club, “but he never showed up.” Keller reported that she “could smell the impurities of alcohol” on Gonzalez, who admitted, “I’m not going to lie to you, I had one drink.” A bartender told police that she had served Gonzalez two drinks.

Since Gonzalez “intentionally left his daughter inside the vehicle, with the windows rolled up, doors locked and vehicle turned off for nearly an hour,” he was busted for felony child neglect.

Gonzalez told police that he has “full guardianship” of his daughter and lives with the child and his girlfriend, who came to the strip club to take custody of the girl. Officer Keller noted that she contacted a child welfare official who “stated she will be taking a report on the matter.”

Seen in the above mug shot, Gonzalez was booked into the Orange County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $1000 bond. (2 pages)