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Teenage Troubles

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Teenage Troubles

Marijuana Brownies Complaint

Teenagers have it rough:

1) According to the New York Post, gold medal gymnast Dominique Moceanu is seeking donations to help pay training expenses on the road to the 2000 Olympics (the 18-year-old's ranking has plummeted, so her stipend from USA Gymnastics has evaporated). In a bid to gain control of her finances, Moceanu last year was legally emancipated from her parents. The teenager's filings in Texas's District Court included this petition for an order of protection and Moceanu's original emancipation request. (5 pages)

2) Someone call Jesse Jackson! As Ross Hobson told it, he just wanted to get rid of a tray of marijuana brownies, so he "brought them to school and passed them out" during a late-October high school ceramics class. According to this excerpt from a criminal complaint filed in Wisconsin's Circuit Court, the 17-year-old was quickly arrested and hit with several felony drug charges. (3 pages)