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Teenage Terror Arrested For School Brawl

Student's record includes 62 separate suspensions

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Disciplinary Trouble

APRIL 9--An 18-year-old student whose educational history includes a staggering 102 disciplinary referrals and 62 separate suspensions was arrested Wednesday for fighting with a fellow pupil in their Florida high school’s cafeteria, a brawl that prompted the “evacuation of all students,” police report.

As detailed in criminal complaints, Malik Wilson and his 17-year-old foe exchanged “multiple punches” around 7 AM Wednesday in the cafeteria of Pinellas Secondary School in Pinellas Park.

Despite demands from a cop to cease fighting, Wilson (seen at right) only stopped throwing punches after being doused with pepper spray.

In addition to the evacuation of other students, the melee “required the crisis team to respond and disrupted not only food preparation and service, but testing of both high school and middle school students as well as transportation by buses,” a complaint notes.

According to the Pinellas Secondary School web site, students are sent to the alternative school due to “zero tolerance infractions” at their home schools. It is the school’s desire that students eventually “return to their home the pursuit of graduation.” The principal adds that, “Our hope is that their time spent at Pinellas Secondary will help prepare them for their future endeavors such as college, an industry career, or any other career of their choosing.”

Citing school records, an investigator reported that Wilson has been the subject of “102 disciplinary referrals, including striking another student, numerous disruptions, and possession of a dangerous implement.” As a result of that record, the teen has “served 31 in-school and 31 out-of-school suspensions.”

The court records do not specify what period of time is covered by the teen’s disciplinary rap sheet.

Wilson and his fellow combatant were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and booked into the county jail. Wilson was released from custody late Wednesday night after posting $250 bond.

It appears likely that the young scholar is now in the midst of his 63rd school suspension. (1 page)