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Inmate Used Prison E-mail To Solicit Minor

Con, 50, made contact via Bureau of Prisons system


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Inmate Underage E-mails

JANUARY 28--An inmate at one of the country’s highest security prisons used the penitentiary’s e-mail system to discuss sexual liaisons with a teenage girl, who he promised to impregnate upon his release from custody, according to court records.

The federal probe of Franesiour Kemache-Webster began last year when the minor’s family contacted law enforcment to report that the girl had been receiving inappropriate letters and e-mails from Kemache-Webster, who was jailed at the federal lockup in Marion, Illinois. Kemache-Webster, serving time on a white-collar conviction, was scheduled to be released four months ago.

An affidavit sworn by a federal investigator details Kemache-Webster’s contacts with the girl, whose name has been redacted from the document, which is excerpted here.

The e-mails were sent by Kemache-Webster via a Bureau of Prisons program known as the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System, or TRULINCS. In a May 2010 note to the girl, the 50-year-old inmate wrote, “I really do miss & desire you & love U.” After the girl wrote that she planned to lick whipped cream off him, Kemache-Webster responded, “da whip cream thing was a great touch…U r such a devil I love U and miss U and can’t wait to C U all over again.”

A subsequent e-mail sent via the BoP system by Kemache-Webster cautioned the girl to “make sure U watch wut u e-mail 2 me when it comes 2 us b’n personal, and such bcuz I don’t want them here 2 get da wrong idea of how our closeness is.” Since, he added, “dis place is a sex offender type place also.”

In another e-mail, Kemache-Webster wrote, “I love U, U kno this it’s so much love like husband & wife.” In a letter mailed from the Marion penitentiary, Kemache-Webster referred to his future release from custody, writing that “Our agreed Anniversary is Sunday October 10, 2010 at 10:00am. Even though we will be doing it from my return home date until forever [smiley face]. On Sunday 10-10-10-10, this date, we will try to celebrate all day…I mean the entire day…doing it! So if you are not pregnant before than on that date it will be dedicated to getting you to be…for sure.”

Kemache-Webster was named in a one-count indictment charging him with the use of an interstate commerce facility to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. Kemache-Webster is being held without bail and has been barred by a U.S. District Court magistrate judge from having any contact with the underage girl.

That November 24 order was signed after federal prosecutors charged that Kemache-Webster sought to intimidate the witness during phone calls he placed from jail. He allegedly “threatened her with harm if she does not tell the Court that the allegations are false.” (4 pages)

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just shows how easily some people can be so sneaky and yet they have no idea its recorded. this girl needs to get a lesson in dont open stuff strangers, and to answer riverstyx question its cuz some girls who feel that no one likes them will turn into girls who will do anything for a guy who shows them attention thinking that since they love me ill do it for them cuz its love.. and the net is easy to use cause its not a face-face conversation that takes work since the day and age is run by email and texting. shows how much parents should monitor their kids behaviour and usage of the net.
Uh, I think you need to remove the child's email from the documents... Just a quick google shows her full name.
New breed of dumb right here.
What kind of 50 year old guy would type with the writing style of a kid? Is it really so hard to type "You" instead of "U"? That goes back to the AOL days, some people should at least grow up past that. And another question, discussed on reddit a few weeks back: How is that guys like this can somehow find girls to solicit, but yet most people cant even work up the nerve to ask a woman out for a date, much less successfully get one? And dont even get me started on the probability of someone on the internet getting to 2nd base and beyond..
Will he have to do any jail time for this? (lol)
The parents (both sets) must be so proud of their offspring.