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Happy Birthday To Us

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Happy Birthday To Us

On this day in history:

1837: J. P. Morgan born.

1937: Daffy Duck makes screen debut.

1961: Bay of Pigs invasion.

1970: Johnny Cash performs "A Boy Named Sue" for Richard Nixon at White House.

1997: The Smoking Gun debuts.

That's right, TSG turns five today. So happy birthday to us. When we launched this estimable outfit on April 17, 1997, our opening day offerings were the below FBI memos detailing Elvis Presley's purported cocaine addiction (and you thought the King was only hooked on Mallomars and Cheez-Wiz). While we'll spare you boring recollections of the past five years, TSG will mark the occasion by listing some of our favorite sites, destinations we've come to rely on for information, entertainment, and inspiration (sometimes all three). Visit if you don't already:  The Obscure Store & Reading Room  Daily Rotten  National Archives  Drudge Report  Jerry Capeci's Gang Land    E! Online   Yahoo! News Full Coverage   TV Barn   KOAM   National Security Archive   Jim Romenesko's Media News