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Drunk Driver Delivers Classic Line To Cop

Ohioan, 24, confirmed officer's "impairment" analysis


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Gobble, Gobble DUI

DECEMBER 4--At 4 AM Saturday, an Ohio cop spotted a vehicle driving with its front right tire off the roadway. As the officer followed the car, the tire tore completely off the rim. Undeterred, the driver continued moving, “leaving gouge marks in the roadway,” according to a police report.

When Officer Matthew Downing pulled over the car, he noticed that driver Jessica Sorensen, 24, “exhibited signs of impairment.”

The cop’s observation appeared to be confirmed when he asked Sorensen how much she had to drink.

Sorensen replied, “Gobble gobble turkey,” according to the North Ridgeville Police Department report.

Sorensen (seen in the mug shot at right) was then arrested on drunk driving and unsafe vehicle charges, and her car was towed from the scene. She was collared about six miles from her family’s home in North Olmsted, a Cleveland suburb. (1 page)