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A Salute To Our National Pastime

An All-Star lineup of mug shots, Smoking Gun-style

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A Salute To Our National Pastime

OCTOBER 6--In celebration of the 2006 baseball playoffs, we're reprising a feature wherein we don our general manager's cap and assemble a fantasy team of the game's all-time greats, TSG-style. Scouting correctional facilities across the country, we plucked mug shots of inmates and parolees who share names with the superstars of our national pastime. This group of men, several of whom could be on a literal "Murderers's Row," would all enjoy "going yard" even more than their Major League namesakes. (20 pages)


1. Rickey Henderson, LF
2. Joe Morgan, 2B
3. Willie Mays, CF
4. Henry Aaron, 1B
5. Ted Williams, RF
6. Alex Rodriguez, SS
7. Darryl Strawberry, DH
8. Jackie Robinson, 3B
9. Bill Dickey, C

PITCHERS: Steve Carlton, Walter Johnson, Randy Johnson, Lee Smith

BENCH: Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Frank Robinson, Bobby Bonds, Carlos Beltran

MANAGER: Billy Martin