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Santana Sued Over Alleged Attack

Florida woman accuses baseball star of sexual battery

Johan Santana

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Johan Santana Police Report

AUGUST 11--The Florida woman who accused baseball star Johan Santana of raping her last year on a Fort Myers golf course has filed a lawsuit against the athlete.

The 35-year-old woman is identified as “Jane Doe” in the Florida Circuit Court complaint filed Monday (a PDF copy of the lawsuit can be downloaded here). The alleged victim’s legal team includes John Clune, the Colorado lawyer who represented the woman who accused Kobe Bryant of sexually assaulting her at a Vail resort.

The lawsuit, which does not specify damages, accuses Santana of sexual battery, assault, and false imprisonment.

A detailed account of the October 27 incident can be found in a report prepared by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Santana admitted having sex with the woman, but claimed the encounter was consensual, and painted her as the aggressor. The alleged victim told police that the New York Mets star attacked her despite her saying, "please, no," and "please no, not like this, not here, please no."

In January, a prosecutor declined to file charges against Santana, noting that there was "not enough evidence to prove lack of consent.” (6 pages)