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Police Probe Wild Melee Caught On Tape

Viral clip shows women brawling at Florida gas station

Ocala Brawl

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Ocala Brawl Report

JANUARY 11--Prompted by a viral video showing a wild, all-female brawl outside a Florida gas station, cops have launched a probe to identify and possibly arrest the combatants, some of whom had clothing ripped off during the melee.

Detectives believe that the wild fracas outside a RaceTrac gas station in Ocala occurred at about 2:20 AM on December 30, and involved eight “primary participants,” according to an Ocala Police Department report. The video, which has some fleeting nudity, can be viewed above.

Nobody called 911 to report the melee as it unfolded, so cops first learned of the fight when the video appeared on YouTube and other web sites.

A police review of the clip notes that, “all of the females began striking at one another with open and closed fists.” As the brawl continued, “Several of the females involved lose articles of clothing revealing their breasts, buttocks, and genitalia.” At the video’s end, five women are seen “dancing and yelling as if to celebrate some type of victory. One female even goes as far as standing on the hood of a car as she dances.”

One battler is so vigorously throwing haymakers that her dress slides up her torso to reveal the woman's thong-adorned rear. Another combatant, who did not fare as well, had her dress nearly ripped off during the confrontation. At the fight’s conclusion, the RaceTrac’s parking lot is dotted with wigs and hair extensions torn off during the fight.

The report notes that investigators have developed “several leads” with regard to the identity of brawl participants, who police believe are between 20 and 30 years old. A police spokesperson estimated that cops will know within a few days whether they will be able to make arrests in the case. (2 pages)

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I am in the military, so I guess I live a fairly insuated life. I am so deply saddened at the disgusting racist comments here. I truly believed that this kind of racism was rare in America.
I wish I didn't see this sort if thing from the African American community every week. Last week it was one of our brothers, home on leave from Iraq taking his wife to a movie in Florida and attacked by a wolf pack like this. The week before, a young man and his pregnant girlfriend on a bus in Seattle because a group like this decided they liked her ipod.
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Some people take their Mensa Club elections way too seriously.
how could anyone go barefoot at the gas station? yuck
This is clearly the result of the atmosphere of violence promoted by the right wing Tea Party! Earlier in the evening all these people surely were reading Sarah Palin's Facebook page and listening to Rush Limbaugh on their radios.
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What wasn't caught on the video is that this group of friends was listening to right-wing talk radio, and the divisive hate speech they heard caused them to lash out into this brawl. So we need the fairness doctrine.
this fight wasnt as bad as the Holloween fight in a Denny's in ATL.....just saying
Shockingly enough it involves young African American ladies. What a surprise. Some good toi toi dancing near the end.
I just can't believe they are not all white. I really thought when I saw that headline, that they would alll be white, high school grads, and probably republican..... My bad, I guess!