Cops: Mom Hit Daughter Who Flushed Her Pot

Victim, 18, discovered parent's stash in kitchen

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Pot Flush Bust

JUNE 29--A Florida woman battered her daughter after the teenager discovered her mother’s marijuana stash and flushed the pot down the toilet, cops allege.

According to an arrest affidavit, Ashley Mullane, 18, last night found the weed on a counter when she went into the kitchen of her family’s Vero Beach home to get a drink.

Mullane told cops that she “believed that it belonged to her mother, Kyle Mullane, so she flushed it down the toilet.”

When Mullane, 46, saw her child disposing of the pot, she got in the teen’s face and “began to yell at her... and calling her names.” After Ashley told her mother to back off and threatened to dial 911, “her mother slapped her in the face,” investigators report.

During police questioning, Kyle Mullane denied striking her daughter, though she acknowledged that the teen “did flush her weed down the toilet.” Mullane added, however,  that “it was no big deal because she would just go out and get more.”

Since Mullane has a prior domestic battery conviction, she was charged with a felony for hitting her daughter. Mullane’s rap sheet includes prior collars for theft, trespass, and disorderly intoxication.

Pictured above, Mullane was released from custody on her own recognizance following a court appearance this morning. (2 pages)