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Man Wearing GoPro Recorded Testicle Attack

Cops: Estranged wife's assault caught on tape

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GoPro Testicles Attack

SEPTEMBER 18-In another example of the remarkable versatility of the GoPro, a Florida man yesterday was wearing the small camera when his estranged wife snuck up from behind and struck him in the testicles, according to police who arrested the woman after reviewing video of the battery.

As detailed in an arrest report, Michael Novak was attacked while in the process of a 9:45 AM “exchange of children” with his wife Michelle, 37, at the couple’s Dunedin residence.

Michael Novak told a sheriff’s deputy that he was wearing a GoPro camera “due to issues in the past with incidents like this.” While the report describes the Novaks as married and living together, the duo is in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Novak said that as he was reaching into his car to “unbuckle his kids,” Michelle approached from behind. Deputy Wyeth Whitehurst reported that, “the Defendant intentionally struck Michael in the testicles after sneaking up behind him.”

Deputy Whitehurst noted that, “This was seen on video via GoPro that Michael was wearing.” The arrest report does not describe where the camera was on Novak’s body to allow the recording of Michelle’s rear advance.

Seen above, Michelle Novak was arrested on a domestic battery charge. During a court appearance today, she pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge. A judge ordered her released from custody and directed her to have no contact with her spouse. (1 page)