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Charges Dropped Against Florida's Glitter Twins

Cops: Women broke into victim's residence

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Glitter Twins Update


APRIL 5--Prosecutors have declined to pursue criminal charges against the Florida women arrested for allegedly breaking into a man’s home and glitter bombing him, according to court records.

In a pair of Circuit Court filings, prosecutors last week reported that their investigation had concluded that “the facts and circumstances revealed do not warrant prosecution at this time” of the Glitter Twins, Sarah Franks, 29, and Kaitlin O’Donovan, 27.

Seen above, Franks and O’Donovan have been free on bond since their arrest in January for the 3 AM storming of the Clearwater home of Jacob Colon.

Police and court records do not reveal a motive for the glitter attack or the nature of the relationship between Colon and the women (both of whom were charged with felony burglary).

In a TSG interview, Franks said she was married to O’Donovan and that the couple had a casual sexual relationship with Colon, a waiter whom they met at a Clearwater restaurant. The “three-way type thing” had already ended, Franks said, when the alleged glitter bombing occurred.  

Police reported that Franks and O’Donovan first argued with Colon while he was standing on his fenced balcony. The women, cops charged, each threw a container of glitter at Colon, who was struck “in the upper torso and head.”

After Colon retreated into his home, Franks climbed over the fence and entered the residence, where she threw more containers of glitter at Colon, cops say. She also unlocked the front door to allow O’Donovan into the apartment. Once inside, O’Donovan allegedly pelted Colon with additional glitter.

Franks and O’Donovan were arrested about an hour after the glitter attack, and police located the duo’s getaway car outside their residence. The auto “was still warm to the touch and glitter was observed on the inside of the vehicle,” a patrolman reported. (4 pages)